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Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022: Start date & time, rewards, more

Published: 3/May/2022 14:43

by Andrew Highton


The Olympics of the Destiny 2 world is nearly upon us as the 2022 Guardian Games beckon. If you’re new to Bungie’s Destiny 2 or have overlooked them before, we’ve provided a full guide to the Guardian Games.

Now seemingly a regular occurrence, Destiny 2’s Guardian Games sees each of the game’s main classes go to war with each other in a race to earn the most points and be declared the dominant class.

Prizes, rewards, respect, and honor are all on the line in the 2022 Guardian Games. Despite Season 17 approaching, Bungie has confirmed that Guardian Games will return to Destiny 2 in 2022. Here’s all we know about the event.



destiyn 2 guardian games rules
Pick a class, earn the most points, and earn fabulous rewards in the process.

What is Destiny 2’s Guardian Games?

The Guardian Games are a special event in which Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks go head-to-head in direct competition to accumulate points for their class. Completing activities and bounties are all part and parcel of the process as players have become accustomed to since the event’s inception.

Each week of the Guardian Games will see players earn medals in most activities within the game, as well as completing Contender Cards (challenges) and Platinum Cards (tougher challenges).

New this year, though, is Strike Scoring. In Guardian Games, you’ll now get additional Strike Medals for taking out swathes of enemies, or staying alive.


Training and Competitive:

As per Bungie’s latest blog post, you’ll be able to grind strikes on certain days as “Training”, like an 80s montage. Come gameday (Competitive), you’ll use buffs earned from training to maximize your medal count.

  • On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the place to be is the Training playlist. Here you can earn practice scores (the combined score of your entire fireteam).
  • On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, it’s time to get sweaty in the Competitive playlist. This is where you’ll earn exciting rewards.
  • Players can earn buffs in the Recreational, Training, and Competitive playlists by ranking bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. These last until the next weekly reset.
    You can use these buffs in the regular Vanguard Ops playlist.

Guardian Games 2022 start date & time

In an edition of This Week At Bungie, the devs confirmed that the 2022 Guardian Games would get underway on May 3 and conclude on May 24.

There’s nothing concrete in terms of its start time yet though, but we do remember that the 2021 Guardian Games began at 6 PM BST/10 AM PT/1 PM ET along with the weekly reset.

Also, the closing ceremony is expected to take place shortly after the game’s event finishes, and is likely to roll straight into Season 17.


destiny 2 hunter, warlock, and titan
Which class will you represent?

How to enter Destiny 2’s Guardian Games

The Guardian Games are open to all Destiny 2 players with the only requirement needed is to complete the ‘Escape the Cosmodrome to unlock the Tower’ objective. If you’re a new player, that won’t take you long at all.

That means that even if you don’t own the Witch Queen or even the season pass for Season of the Risen, you’ll be able to represent Hunters, Titans, or Warlocks.

Guardian Games 2022 rewards

The rewards this time around will be a new exotic ship and a legendary SMG, along with an emblem, shader, and more.

The new legendary SMG will be The Title, an aggressive frame SMG with the “Classy Contender” origin trait which means “final blows with this weapon grant class ability energy”.

According to Bungie, “it has a wide range of perks that it can roll with, and players will have many opportunities to earn fully Masterworked drops with double perks in both the third and fourth columns.”


Destiny 2 The Title SMG from Guardian Games 2022

In terms of armor, there are new sets for each class to earn, while you’ll also earn additional glows on the right shoulder of your Guardian’s armor by hitting certain score thresholds.

You can check out the class-specific armor below (we’re quite fond of the Hunter):

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Hunter armor Destiny 2 Guardian Games Titan armor Destiny 2 Guardian Games Warlock armor

Players that score in the top 10% of players by the end of the event will also earn a new Emblem.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 emblem
Players with this emblem are in the top 10% of all Guardian Games entrants.

That’s everything we know about Destiny 2’s Guardian Games for 2022 so far. Of course, Bungie will be keen to keep fans updated with more relevant information as we draw closer to its official start date.


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