Bungie is testing destructible Destiny 2 environments in hidden zones

. 1 year ago
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After glitching into a restricted area in Destiny 2, players discovered never-before-seen destructible environments, hinting that Bungie could be testing the mechanic ahead of The Witch Queen’s release in 2022.

Throughout Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, glitching into sealed-off areas inside Bungie’s looter shooter has revealed plenty of information the developer would likely have preferred to keep under wraps.

While being exposed to important plot spoilers is something most players would rather avoid, glitching into hidden parts of the game has yielded some astounding secrets about upcoming content and even the layout of some activities prior to their release.

In another instance of players poking their noses where Bungie did not intend, well-known Destiny 2 glitcher ‘JB3’ forced his way into a restricted area in the EDZ and discovered what appears to be Bungie’s testbed for trying out a brand new mechanic: destructible environments.

Bungie testing destructible environments in Destiny 2

In the video, JB3 revealed that he and his teammates were able to force their way into Quarantine Sector 236 — a part of the EDZ that has been used by Bungie in some story missions, but otherwise remains sealed off to players outside of those specific moments.

While exploring the area (which has been confirmed in the past to be a location Bungie uses for testing), the YouTuber discovered that some of the terrain present in Sector 236 could actually be destroyed by the player — something completely new to the Destiny franchise.

While running around, JB3 demonstrated that using his character’s melee ability to slam into a set of trees caused the wood to shatter into dozens of pieces, and even knocked down several of the tree trunks completely.

While it appears Bungie is only testing the mechanic on trees at the moment, players are already speculating that the feature could be rolled out to all of the various worlds (and their environments) that Guardians can explore.

Beyond Light introduced dynamic weather patterns into Destiny 2 for the first time, and with the developer already teasing what many believe to be the swamps of Old Chicago coming in 2022’s Witch Queen expansion, blasting through Earth’s murky marshes seems to be a perfect fit for what Bungie has planned.

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