Destiny 2 glitch leak reveals huge new Season 11 storyline - Dexerto

Destiny 2 glitch leaks first look at possible major Season 11 storyline

Published: 6/May/2020 8:39 Updated: 6/May/2020 9:03

by Isaac McIntyre


Destiny 2 may be hurtling straight for another world-destroying plotline when Season 11 finally rolls around, if new leaked textures and graphics showing a damaged and destroyed Tower are to be believed.

Bungie’s storytelling has been all over the shop since Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion back in late-2018. The title’s last big content drop ⁠— akin to the original game’s critically-acclaimed Taken King refresh ⁠— was followed by seasons.

So far, Guardians have been nearly universally disappointed by the stories coughed up by the new swap to a seasonal cycle. Ten seasons have come and gone, and very little has changed in the world of Bungie’s flagship sci-fi saga.

There have been a few well-received moments in the past two years. Destiny’s long-awaited return to the Moon for Shadowkeep furthered the story surrounding Savathûn. Time-stuck hero Saint-14 also returned in Season 9.

It looks like the franchise is finally ticking back into high-gear story-wise, however, after an odd glitch ⁠— now appearing to multiple Guardians since the last update ⁠— has revealed the Tower could soon be under attack again.

Destiny's player lobby the Tower has been destroyed once before, in the game's Red War storyline.
Destiny’s player lobby the Tower has been destroyed once before, in the game’s Red War storyline could it be happening again?

Glitched Tower instance reveals upcoming storyline

The main evidence is the “glitched” Tower instances Guardians have been loading into ever since the title’s update. Destiny’s familiar base boasts an unfamiliar look ⁠— missing chunks on walls, and scorch marks aplenty.

The most damaged section appears to be in the main loading area, where Zavala stares over the Last City, and the in-game Evererse shop is located. It is here huge, ship-sized barrage holes dot the edge of the Tower walls and floor.

Dexerto has not been able to replicate the glitch instance ⁠— though not through lack of trying ⁠— but a few versions have cropped up on /r/RaidSecrets, Destiny’s investigative story subreddit. These bugged instances are definitely real.

Eagle-eyed Guardian 'tic-toc26' shared a destroyed look at the Tower on /r/RaidSecrets.
Screenshot tic-toc26, via Bungie
Eagle-eyed Guardian ‘tic-toc26’ shared a destroyed look at the Tower on /r/RaidSecrets.

The damage tells of something that could be on its way when Season 11 begins on June 9. It could even be a battle similar to Destiny 2’s base narrative The Red War. It could also be something from the Darkness.

More likely, however, is the damage will be caused by Cabal super-ship the Almighty, which has been hurtling toward Earth most of the season. It looks like it will reach its destination in Season 11, with destructive results.

Bungie wants to double-down on “cohesive narrative”

This seems to line up with what Bungie’s creative director Evan Nikolich said in the latest dev blog. He admitted Destiny had been “far from perfect” when it came to storytelling in the new seasons so far. They want that to change.

“In Year 4, we are going to build a better-interconnected narrative. We want our stories to feel cohesive, flow with meaningful momentum each season. They should lead to an exciting climax each year,” the Bungie wordsmith explained.

Could the glitched Tower instance, revealing new destroyed sections, be hinting at Bungie's grander Season 11 plans?
Screenshot tic-toc26, via Bungie
Could the glitched Tower instance, revealing new destroyed sections, be hinting at Bungie’s grander Season 11 plans?

For now, though, it’s a waiting game for Guardians looking for the next chapter in Destiny’s growing narrative. Players can jump back into Trials and Crucible ⁠— they’re finally free of the Hard Light ⁠— or hunt the glitched Tower instance.

Bungie also has yet to comment on the bugged instances. If the scorched, damaged Tower really is part of the upcoming Season 11 story too, they probably won’t either. After all, why give the game away before the Almighty arrives?


Destiny 2 Beyond Light trailer: New characters & story revealed

Published: 20/Oct/2020 16:54 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 16:59

by Andrew Highton


The latest expansion pack for Destiny 2 – Beyond Light – has finally received a brand new trailer that reveals the DLC’s story. It also features information about the characters associated with the content, ahead of its impending November release.

Bungie’s highly-successful Destiny 2 is set to receive a new expansion pack in its fourth year since release. Their new expansion is content which Bungie themselves have described as “the beginning of a new era of Destiny 2”.

It’s the latest DLC after 2019’s Shadowkeep. Despite the fact that Destiny 2 has been out for so long, this intention by Bungie perhaps suggests that we won’t be seeing Destiny 3 anytime soon. This new era could herald another few years of Destiny 2 post-launch content.

Eramis addressing a crowd in Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Eramis now feels this is her time.

Beyond Light release date and details

The Beyond Light expansion pack is all set to be released on November 10 across multiple platforms.

The trailer shows off some familiar faces:

  • Eramis – The deadly Kell of Darkness seeks to restore the glory of her people. To exact revenge on the Traveler for abandoning them. To forge Eliksni culture anew, free from the weight of its past. Now imbued with the power of Stasis, she has found the ultimate tool to achieve her aims.
  • Variks – After helping Uldren Sov escape the Prison of Elders, Variks has only recently emerged from hiding. An uneasy ally in the fight against Eramis, he is a shrewd opportunist who wants to do good, even if choices are always suspect.
  • The Exo Stranger – The mysterious Exo has not been seen since the fall of the Black Garden. With exceptional insight into the future, she has made Europa her home. Her experience will guide Guardians’ understanding of the power of Stasis.

The future of Destiny 2

Bungie have commented on the future of Destiny by saying: ”

The stars have aligned, and the next generation of console gameplay begins in the launch window for Beyond Light. As we continue to improve Destiny 2, we’re taking the opportunity to optimize the experience you’ll have on this new hardware.
The next generation optimized version of Destiny 2 will launch on December 8. While things like faster load times and cross-generation play will be available on November 10, we’re taking some more time on the following enhancements to ensure a smooth experience when playing Destiny 2 on your new devices.”

Bungie has clearly planned ahead for the future of Destiny 2 and Destiny as a whole.