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Destiny 2 finally buffed its easiest boss to combat farming

Published: 13/Dec/2021 12:31

by Lloyd Coombes


Destiny 2 players tackling the Lake of Shadows will be in for a surprise when they next visit Grask in his lair.

Destiny 2 has gone from having a bit of a content drought to being in the midst of not only its next seasonal event, The Dawning, but also the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack.

While the 3.4.0 patch added big changes to player abilities, including how Supers are generated, it also buffed one particular enemy to give the poor soul a chance against a trio of Guardians raining down super abilities.

The previously PlayStation exclusive “Lake of Shadows” strike will now be a little tougher, as Grask, the final boss, has been buffed.


Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows screenshot
Grask will now have a fighting chance.

Destiny 2 buffs its weakest Strike boss

Poor Grask has suffered plenty of deaths over the years from players that enter his area with their Super gauge full, with a Fireteam of three Guardians usually able to defeat him in seconds.

Destiny’s community manager dmg04 recently hinted at changes to the character on Twitter.

That had fans wondering what the update would be. New mechanics? An invincibility phase? As it turns out, the 3.4.0 update was much more straightforward than that. According to the patch notes: “To bring this boss encounter more in line with other strikes and our modern sandbox gameplay, Grask’s health has been increased significantly.”


Some players have said that the boss feels tankier, while others have noted that they’ve never seen Grask do anything other than stand there and take damage.

“I’ve literally never seen him do anything other than appear and then immediately die in all my years of playing,” one Redditor said. “You know what, good for him”.

The Strike still remains one of the game’s fastest to complete – meaning if you’re farming for an Exotic Cypher, it’s likely it still won’t take you that long. On tougher difficulties, though, it could be more of a challenge.


In any case, at least we’ll be able to use Gjallarhorn to whittle down his health bar quickly – even if Grask isn’t quite the pushover he was before.