Destiny 2 fans angry as best expansion is being vaulted completely

Destiny 2 Forsaken key artBungie

Following confirmation that Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is to be removed from the game when The Witch Queen launches, fans have responded angrily.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie revealed yesterday that it plans to add the game’s Forsaken expansion to the Destiny Content Vault when the game’s fifth year kicks off in February 2022 with the release of the Witch Queen.

That’s led to some backlash, as Bungie continues to trim down the game’s file size and relevant activities while hardcore players continue to struggle to find things to do, all while new players see their available content dwindle.

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Destiny 2 Forsaken screenshot showing Cayde-6 staring down a gunBungie
Forsaken begins with Cayde-6’s death and leads into key story moments playing out in Destiny 2’s current season

Destiny 2 is about to lose its best expansion, and fans aren’t happy

Bungie’s initial tweet saw further clarification added following fan confusion.

Fans are less than impressed, though, with many complaints stemming from the fact that the Forsaken expansion retailed at full price in 2018 – and can still be purchased despite being removed in a few months.

One response says “This is the second time DLC content I’ve paid for has been removed from the game. If this was the plan from the beginning you should have not charged anyone for access to this destination. You can word it however you’d like but in the end, it’s wrong to remove PAID content.”

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Another reminds us why we fell in love with the expansion in the first place, saying “while I do understand what you [Bungie] are doing, I’m gonna have to disagree with vaulting Forsaken content. It brought some of the best strikes to the game, we got to fight alongside Cayde in the beginning, and not to mention it was one of Destiny 2’s best expansions that saved the game.”

The Destiny 2 subreddit is finding some positivity in the changes, though, notably with Master Rahool taking over material exchanges – since players won’t need to visit the soon-to-be-vaulted Tangled Shore to exchange materials.

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Destiny 2's Dreaming City locationBungie
The Dreaming City will remain in Destiny 2

Others are suspecting the removal of the Tangled Shore means we could end up killing resident crime boss Spider in the run-up to The Witch Queen’s release, while some will mourn the nightclub that makes up a Lost Sector.

Multiple comments, though, note that the removal of Forsaken makes it much harder to enjoy Destiny 2 as a new player – something which has long been a challenge.

“The more content they continue to remove the worse the new or returning player experience continues to get. I tried to get some friends to play Destiny with me and while they loved the gameplay and art direction there was just no way to get them to make sense of any of the world or characters enough to keep playing.”

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On the plus side, The Witch Queen will add a new expansion when it launches alongside Season 16 – and will also introduce a new destination, Savathun’s throne world.

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