Destiny 2 fan pulls off “impossible” with world’s first solo Gatekeepers run

World's first solo gatekeepers encounter in Destiny 2Bungie

A YouTuber has blown everybody away after completing the Gatekeepers encounter in Destiny 2 entirely solo.

The world’s first solo run through the Gatekeepers encounter, within the Vault of Glass raid, was completed by TheSnazzzyRock on Jan 21.

Destiny 2 raids are normally done with a six-man team as the encounters typically throw countless enemies toward you, usually causing squads to split up in order to complete objectives.

Many other videos on YouTube have covered the Vault of Glass raid soloing abilities, but not through the Gatekeepers encounter.

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Well, until now.

Destiny 2 player completes world’s first solo Gatekeepers run

In the video, you can see how quickly TheSnazzzyRock needs to be to keep all of this going as a solo.

The occasional “please kill the minotaur” shows how things can go south at any moment. 

It is an amazing feat for one to pull off and as the content creator put in their description, roughly 200 hours later, he is the first person in the world to do it. 

The achievement has since been described as an impossible one to pull off, by Jake Lucky.

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In the comments, another wrote: “Absolutely insane. Huge W.”

A third said: “The commentary and his reaction make it so much better.”

Destiny 2 Gatekeepers Encounter explained

destiny 2 gatekeepers encounterBungie
The Gatekeepers encounter is no easy task as a team of six, never mind alone.

This encounter is the final part of the Vault of Glass raid – arguably the more challenging one to perform solo – as you must defend two portals while destroying the first gatekeeper to get the relic shield.

There are two phases that introduce players to the portals, leading toward different locations that are known as Venus and Mars. 

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For a six-man team, the first phase of the encounter would go something like this:

Phase one:

  • Two players need to immediately stand on and defend both plates to activate the corresponding portal. Meanwhile, the rest of the group will need to fight the first gatekeeper to get the Relic shield
  • One player will pick up the Relic, while another two go through the portals to defend the confluxes coming from the Vex. The remaining player will stay in the throne room to help defend the plates against any gatekeepers that appear
  • A Praetorian Minotaur will spawn at one of the portals. The player with the Relic needs to go through the right portal and use the relic to destroy the Praetorian before it sacrifices itself at the conflux
  • That player will then drop the Relic so another can go back through the portal into the throne room
  • Another portal opens and the current holder of the Relic must go through that and destroy the Praetorian that is trying to sacrifice itself in that one
  • Six praetorians in total need to be destroyed before phase two begins

Reminder: That is with six people working together.

Phase two:

  • All players need to head towards the new conflux that will spawn in the central area of the throne room and defend against the incoming Vex
  • Three more Praetorian Minotaurs will spawn and can only be destroyed by the Relic holder
  • After the Minotaurs, three Wyvrens will spawn and need to be taken out
  • Once all that is done, the conflux will disappear and a loot chest will open nearby

To complete this as a team is a feat in itself, defending two separate portals with enemies charging towards them (if they reach them, you lose), constantly switching the Relic to the next person to keep progress through the encounter, and simply surviving the number of enemies being thrown your way.

To do all of that solo is entirely something else. The knowledge of understanding where the enemies are coming from, where you need to go next, how many shots you need to finish off certain targets, and doing it all in one go without your heart beating out of your chest is difficult.

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