Destiny 2 fan concept showcases new enemy types ahead of Witch Queen expansion

Alec Mullins
New enemy in Witch Queen DLC

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion is a long way out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about what we’d like to see in the game next. Here are some interesting fan-made concepts that imagine new developments for the Destiny 2 bad guys. 

Season of the Lost is in full swing and the majority of its content is now being explored. Whether you’re on the hunt for the new Exotic in Ager’s Scepter or checking out the revamped Trials of Osiris, there has been plenty to do in the early part of the season.

That hasn’t stopped fans from getting creative about the kinds of things they would like to see in the update though.

Check out these designs featuring five new types of enemies.

Destiny 2 new enemy concepts

While all of these enemies fit the mold of creatures we’ve seen before, there are some intriguing ideas at work here.

Cugu00 has taken the formula for existing Destiny enemies and expanded upon them. While there’s definitely more to creating an enemy than just a cool design, all of these ideas feel like they could be implemented into the game fairly easily.

Wasp and Siren

Splicer Shanks may not be very strong, but they’re never in a fight alone which makes them much more deadly.

Both the Wasp and Siren models definitely feel like good complements to flying enemies like Shanks, the small drones that the Fallen often employ in their service, and could slot right into place beside them.

There are only a few flying enemies in the game, and adding some variety into the mix of the usual grunts certainly couldn’t hurt.


Valus from Destiny 1's Shield Brothers Strike
Valus was a powerhouse back in the Shield Brothers Strike of Destiny 1.

Onager is a beefy enemy and has drawn some comparison to Valus Tlu’urn, a Commander of the Cabal Skyburners Legion and one half of the eponymous Shield Brothers strike in Destiny’s The Taken King expansion.

The explosive pack on his back paired with his natural heavy stature means that Onager could lay down some brutal hits both at range and up close.


The Hive and Taken Wizards are powerful spellcasters that bring a lot of firepower to the fight.

Priests might fit neatly in the game playing a similar role to the Hive Wizards. It seems like both of them are well suited to rain chaos down on the battlefield and give any opposing Guardian a headache as they figure out who they should fight first.

Target selection is a big part of the game and making the wrong choice is often disastrous. This provides another opportunity for players to learn how to maneuver around the battlefield and make better choices during their fights.


Taken Grimoire Group photo
The Taken are strong and may only be getting stronger with time.

The Dissonance is both terrifying and innovative. While clearly Taken in origin, it’s not clear how such a strange thing came into being. One commenter suggests that without a leader in their presence “the taken are getting weird and progressing themselves.”

That proposal makes sense. The Taken are already corruptive by nature, and if they changed without clear instruction, the result would likely be an amorphous blob similar to the Dissonance.

While these are only fan-made creations, the hope is that Bungie is asking the same kinds of questions about how the game can evolve going forward. All in all, Destiny 2 has been on a hot streak recently, and it would be nice to keep that going as we chug forward to February.