Destiny 2 fan build melts bosses with underused Hunter exotic

Lloyd Coombes

Destiny 2’s Arcstrider Hunter just became a force to be reckoned with in PvE content thanks to an amazing new build from the community.

Destiny 2 has all the trappings of a first-person shooter, but with the added customization of an RPG or MMO. Players are always finding ways to buff damage output and min/max encounters, and this latest one is perfect for Hunters.

As shared by Legend of Kage on YouTube and Reddit, players can turn their Arcstrider Guardian into a whirling dervish of destruction just by equipping Raiden Flux to take advantage of recent buffs to the subclass, as well as a handy few mods.

The best part is that Legend of Kage has left weapon choice almost entirely open to interpretation, meaning you can further tweak the build to your liking.

Destiny 2 Raiden Flux exotic
Destiny 2’s Raiden Flux helps players make the most of the recently-buffed Arcstrider

Destiny 2 Hunters should be using Raiden Flux

Check out the build in action below:

Taking to Reddit to dig deeper into the setup, Legend of Kage notes that players can use the Raiden Flux perk Synapse Junctions to keep the Arc Staff Super going for longer, while also adding bonus damage, along with the Way of the Warrior subclass tree.

By selecting the perks Combination Pool, Combat Flow, Deadly Reach, and Lethal Current, players can keep dodging and meleeing almost constantly.

When it comes to weapons and stats, things are nicely free from specific requirements. While Legend of Kage notes that it’s handy to have weapons with Swashbuckler, Trench Barrel, or One-Two Punch, it’s not mandatory – and you’ll find yourself using your melee plenty, too. He does suggest Succession, Found Verdict, and Anarchy, but you’ll need to have done a fair bit of raiding for those.

Stats-wise, the Reddit post offers a few suggestions, but as Legend of Kage notes, the build manages its own cooldowns in many ways. As for mods, be sure to check out the original Reddit post for all of the recommended options, but Dynamo and Impact Induction are musts.

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