Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores: How to get them & what they do

Lloyd Coombes
Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores

Destiny 2 is full of items and currencies, and Enhancement Cores are one of the more important ones. Here’s how to get them, and what they do.

Destiny 2 is in a good place right now in the run-up to Witch Queen, but it’s not the easiest game to get on board with. With plenty of materials to collect, as well as weapons to earn, there’s a lot to learn.

Enhancement cores, one of the game’s many currencies, is important for buffing existing gear to hit endgame, and they’re an important part of tailoring your playstyle to your choosing. With that said, it’s not immediately clear how to earn them, and there are a few ways.

Here’s how to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2, and how to use them.


Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores
Enhancement cores allow players to slot mods into gear

How to get Enhancement Cores

There are multiple ways to earn enhancement cores, meaning you should be able to amass a handful in a play session.


Spider and Banshee-44 have enhancement cores available from bounties, while the former will also sell them outright if you have the currency he needs – although the daily number is capped at 5.


While not guaranteed, cores can drop from Adept or Hero Nightfall runs, Legend/Master Lost Sectors, and the Empire Hunts on Europa.

Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores
Back to Europa again, then.


Decrypting engrams can occasionally offer Enhancement Cores, while a consumable called Finest Matterwave increases the chances of one dropping from a boss.

Dismantling high-tier gear will drop an Enhancement Core, so long as it’s above tier 4.

Ghost Mod

Equip the Lesser Core Harvest Ghost mod to increase your chances at a core dropping.

Season Pass

You’ll earn several Enhancement Cores from just progressing your season pass, so be sure to grind those bounties.

Crucible or Gambit Rank

If you spend enough time in the Crucible or Gambit, you’ll end up with a few cores for your trouble.

What do Enhancement Cores do?

Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores
You’ll want to ensure you’ve masterworked some gear ready for The Witch Queen.

Enhancement Cores can be spent, along with Glimmer, to improve the “tier” of your weapons and armor on the way to ‘Masterworking’ them.

This means increasing the number of mod slots and allowing players to further customize the way their Guardian plays. The higher your tier, the more mods can be equipped, and you’ll always want to have some Enhancement Cores handy to be able to tweak your build.

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