Destiny 2 devs responds to concerns Supers are being scrapped in Witch Queen update

Brad Norton
Destiny 2 Void Supers

Having now revealed The Witch Queen expansion along with a major Void rework on the way to Destiny 2, Bungie has assured classic Supers won’t be removed from the game, in light of recent concerns.

As The Witch Queen draws near, so too does the biggest subclass rework we’ve seen in Destiny thus far. Rather than developing an entirely new darkness-based subclass for the upcoming year, Bungie instead revealed plans to overhaul Void.

Aptly referred to as Void 3.0, this major undertaking is set to tweak just about everything pertaining to Void. From entirely new abilities, adjustments to fan favorites, and even the removal of certain powers. 

It’s the latter that raised more than a few eyebrows from concerned Guardians following the reveal event. Though Bungie has since clarified its stance and assured players that popular Supers aren’t going anywhere.

Destiny 2 witch queen
Although The Witch Queen approaches, Guardians will still be able to use their favorite Void Supers against her.

“There are no plans right now, for us, for players to lose anything substantial in the conversion,” Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn told Polygon.

While some Super abilities have been part of Destiny for seven years, the devs have no desire to scrap them anytime soon. “We want to make sure all of that is there,” he added.

“Bungie doesn’t want players to jump into The Witch Queen and “feel like a bunch of stuff got taken away from them.”

Destiny 2 subclasses
Subclasses may be changing in drastic ways, but current Supers won’t be discarded.

“It’s really important that when you log in on day one you’re not like ‘Bungie took a bunch away from me,’” Blackburn said. “That is a huge non-goal for us.”

It remains to be seen exactly what may be scrapped when the time comes, though Supers appear to be safe. Instead, some minor “melee [abilities] or “passives” that aren’t “exciting” could be lost in the shuffle.

Rather than focusing on the negatives of such a monumental shift for the Void subclass – one that will later follow for both Solar and Arc – the devs sought to highlight the positives.

Once these changes go through, players should have more options at their fingertips than ever before.

Destiny 2 gameplay
Customization may soon allow for entirely new playstyles in Destiny 2.

“The feeling of the year after The Witch Queen launches is going to be really different from the feeling of any previous year,” General Manager Justin Truman said.

“Not just to, like, the meta of the weapons, but to your fundamental abilities. I think it’s going to be a higher bar than we’ve hit any previous year.”