Destiny 2 devs make your worst nightmares real with terrifying giant Screeb

Destiny 2 screebBungie

Destiny 2 developers have scared the entire community by showing off what a giant Screeb can look like. and it’s absolutely horrifying.

Destiny 2 can be a pretty spooky game, with plenty of strange-looking aliens and monsters to combat, Guardians must put on a brave face to fight back the darkness. Not only are the enemies of humanity creepy, but they often come in massive hordes with variations between each enemy.

One type of enemy that is particularly terrifying is the exploders. These enemies tend to run up to you with explosives attached to them, detonating and damaging any unfortunate Guardian caught in the blast. Many enemy factions in Destiny 2 have these enemy types: Exploder Shanks, Cursed Thrall, Harpies, and most recently Screebs.

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Screebs can easily be considered one of the spookiest on this list. This enemy was added during the Forsaken expansion and is a part of the Scorn, a faction of fallen spawned by darkness-tainted ether. As such, they’re corrupted and defiled, sprinting at Guardians on all 4 legs. Due to their 4 legged-maneuvering, Screebs are usually small in frame, but Bungie has just changed that with a terrifying tweet.

Destiny 2 devs show off Screeb at 5x its normal size

The Destiny 2 team decided to treat the entire community to some nightmare fuel, showing off a Screeb at five times its normal size.

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For some reason, at five times their regular size, Screebs no longer scramble about on all fours, instead, their front legs seem to wriggle out like chicken wings. The upsizing has also affected their legs, with them no longer scrambling and instead strangely hobbling forward at a breakneck pace.

No one is quite certain what Bungie was cooking up with when deciding to make a Screeb massive, but it could be hinting that Bungie is experimenting with enemies in fascinating new ways.

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The Destiny community will just have to wait and see what’s to come, but hopefully it’s not something quite as terrifying as this.

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