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Destiny 2 devs reveal why they were forced to revert player accounts

Published: 12/Feb/2020 5:14 Updated: 12/Feb/2020 5:24

by Isaac McIntyre


For the second time in two weeks, Destiny 2 players have had their currency wiped after a bug with the title’s weekly reset. Now, Bungie has revealed exactly why they were forced to pull the server plug, and revert player accounts.

In the early hours of Tuesday, February 11, Bungie developers pushed Hotfix, and with it, the release of Valentine’s Day event Crimson Days. Within the hour, players were reporting glitched currencies, loot pools, and more.

The reports were the same as two weeks ago, when Bungie was forced to eventually trip the server switch and pull the looter shooter down momentarily. This time around, they didn’t wait. Destiny disappeared for nearly six hours.

Now, Destiny is back online, and it appears as if currency for all players who were affected during the 90 minute period have had their accounts restored, but considering this is the second time it has happened in two weeks, players wanted answers. Was their gear safe, or would every reset potentially spell doom?

According to Bungie, who addressed the downtime and a potential third glitch event in a developer blog post soon after bringing the servers back online, they appear to have nipped the “rogue” problem in the bud, permanently this time.

Apparently, the issue stemmed from repetitive server stress, and the high amount of players that would pour back into the MMORPG every reset. The surge would often overload servers, but Bungie would just re-load them without problem.

This time, however, the devs accidentally loaded the database, known as the WorldServers, without the fix they had loaded to fight the currency corruption two weeks ago. When they revived the downed servers, they brought back the bug.

“Our investigation uncovered what we thought was an impossible situation: a small number of our WorldServers had loaded without the correct configuration which fixed the issues from 2.7.1 [two weeks ago],” the devs explained.

“Unfortunately, anyone whose characters had been accessed using one of these out-of-date servers encountered the character-corrupting problem.”

Bungie were forced to pull the server plug after players fell foul of a currency-gobbling glitch for the second time in two weeks.

Basically, Bungie had accidentally re-fired the currency-destroying bug back into their game’s code ecosystem. Luckily, the devs knew how to combat, and have learned their lesson. This time, they promised, it was gone for good.

“We have identified a number of safeguards that should prevent this particular issue from happening again in the future,” they said. “We are investigating ways to speed up rollback, and add more protection around account clean-up code.”

Bungie also added that it had added protocols that meant the game couldn’t load without “unexpected” versions, and solved the WorldServers start-up crashes. They also added a “permanent fix” for character corruption, to launch next patch.

Finally, the devs apologized for the “frustrating” rollbacks, and conceded it was an issue they “should have been able to avoid.” “We’re sorry for the frustration this caused and will work to prevent these kinds of things from happening again.”

Destiny 2 players temporarily lost their hard-earned loot, but the rollback reverted everything to normal.

For now, it looks like the issues may have been solved, but keep your eyes peeled for any other currency-munching bugs that may raise their ugly heads over the next little while—the loot-draining glitch has returned once, it could again.

With everyone’s currency back where it rightfully belongs too, Destiny players are now turning their attention back to the annual Valentine’s Day celebrations, Crimson Days. The event is expected to run until February 18.


Destiny 2 players outraged over Beyond Light’s “weak” new Raid Exotic

Published: 29/Nov/2020 23:30

by Julian Young


Destiny 2 players love powerful gear, and with several new exotic weapons released in Beyond Light there are plenty of exciting items to acquire. However, one new weapon – exotic rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow – is severely underperforming, and fans aren’t happy.

In any Destiny 2 expansion, the main attraction for most players is new gear. In Beyond Light, there have been plenty of new weapons and armor pieces to chase despite a portion of the game’s older inventory being sunset.

The new expansion introduced several exotics, including the rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. The weapon’s unique perks allow it to fire rockets at multiple targets, and increase the weapon’s damage if enough enemies are eliminated in a single volley.

Unlocked by the first completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Guardians have gotten their hands on the weapon and tested it out themselves. After spending some time with the rocket launcher, the community discovered the weapon is not as powerful as they originally believed.

Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic
Players are feeling underwhelmed by Destiny 2’s new exotic rocket launcher.

Eyes of Tomorrow underwhelms

In separate Reddit posts – one on r/DestinyTheGame and the other on r/RaidSecrets – players have identified at least two areas where Eyes of Tomorrow is severely underperforming.

In the first post, ‘u/out_of_phase44’ describes how after receiving the rocket launcher and feeling it was underpowered, they took it into several activities to perform some testing.

Eyes of Tomorrow’s Deceptively Low DPS from DestinyTheGame

After testing, they noticed the launcher “seems to have an arbitrary ~50% damage reduction against raid bosses.”

By comparing the launcher’s DPS against One Thousand Voices – an exotic introduced in Forsaken’s Last Wish raid – they discovered the new launcher is extremely underpowered compared to its counterpart.

Destiny 2 One Thousand Voices Exotic
Eyes of Tomorrow seems to be severely outclassed by other exotics, like Forsaken’s One Thousand Voices.

In the second post, user ‘u/KuaiBan’ had a similar feeling about Eyes of Tomorrow after acquiring it, and decided to do some testing in Lost Sectors and Master Nightfalls. They tested the launcher against another exotic – the Xenophage machine gun – and had similar findings.

Eyes of Tomorrow bugged, dealing massively reduced damage in Nightfall Ordeals from raidsecrets

u/KuaiBan discovered the exotic is also experiencing reduced damage within the game’s Nightfalls, saying “After the tests, I have to conclude that Eyes of Tomorrow is acting weird in Master Nightfalls, dealing massively reduced damage for some reason.”

They went on to say that after some additional testing, Eyes of Tomorrow is being outperformed by several legendary rocket launchers as well.

Both users concluded that the new exotic is badly outclassed by both equal and lesser-quality gear in Raid and Nightfall activities.

Destiny 2 Xenophage Exotic
Bungie has yet to confirm whether they will buff Eyes of Tomorrow like they have with other underperforming exotics, like the Xenophage machine gun.

Bug or intended behavior?

At the time of writing, Bungie has not officially responded to either Reddit thread. Players have yet to receive confirmation that the reduced damage output is intended or simply a bug that needs to be fixed.

Regardless of the root cause, the Destiny 2 community voiced their frustration loudly in the comments sections of both posts.

Responses like “God Bungie really knows how to ruin hype, don’t they,” and “I love this game . . . but I absolutely f**king hate this type of bulls**t they do,” were found frequently in the comments of both posts.

Destiny 2 players will need to wait for an response from Bungie on whether Eyes of Tomorrow is bugged or functioning as intended. Guardians should keep an eye on Bungie social media and the two Reddit threads for updates.