Destiny 2 could finally be returning to Uldren Sov’s abandoned storyline

Destiny 2 Uldren SovBungie

Uldren Sov could be returning as a crucial figure in Destiny 2 as Bungie may have subtly teased the Awoken’s next big role in the latest developer update.

The upcoming Beyond Light expansion is set to launch Destiny 2 into its fourth year with a bang. The Darkness is making its presence felt like never before, Guardians can wield its power, and there’s likely to be a Civil War brewing at the Tower. However, there’s seemingly even more to uncover.

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Bungie has often interwoven multiple storylines throughout a given season or expansion. Many of those have typically been left on the backburner while core narratives take center stage, though. One such storyline that’s been kept on pause for the past year happens to be Uldren Sov’s.

The Awoken Prince was last seen towards the tail end of 2018 after falling in battle in the Forsaken expansion. A Ghost revived him and instilled a sense of light, though Uldren couldn’t quite remember who he was in his previous form. Since then, Guardians have been on all sorts of grand adventures. But whatever happened to Uldren? It appears we might soon get some answers.

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The latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post focused on Triumphs and how they will be evolving in the near future. While there was plenty of detail on how the system will work moving forward, one key image stood out. The developers revealed an early look at the Triumph tab for next season. Eagle-eyed players have already started theorizing what a simple logo in the image could mean.

All of the destinations in Year 4 come with their own respective icons in the Triumph tab. While most are common knowledge, a triangular icon stood out among the top row. After Reddit user ‘blamite’ dug through Destiny’s original Grimoire cards from 2014, this icon looks to come from Uldren Sov’s first design.

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Destiny 2 TriumphsBungie
The latest Bungie blog post may have subtly teased Uldren Sov’s future.

The Awoken displayed that sigil prominently on his chest piece not only in the lore collection, but also in one of the very first Destiny 1 trailers, long before the initial storyline was overhauled just months out from the game’s release.

In this footage, the Awoken Prince is seen on the Cosmodrome. Asking a Guardian why the city is “breathing down [his] neck.” Given this connection, there’s a good chance that Uldren Sov pops back up in Year 4 as the Cosmodrone is unvaulted.

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Perhaps there’s a new questline that harkens back to his original ‘Crow’ persona, or maybe he’s there as a new vendor throughout Beyond Light. Only time will tell how it all pans out.

Destiny 1 Uldren SovBungie
The original Destiny 1 sizzle reel showed Uldren Sov in Old Russia.

The Crow, as he was formerly known during development, played a pivotal role in the early chapters of Destiny 1’s base game narrative. That storyline never quite came to light, but players might finally be revisiting the cut content as the next expansion draws near.

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Beyond Light is set to release on November 10. Before we get there, make sure you’ve finished everything that the first three years of Destiny 2 had on offer. Here’s a rundown on every piece of content leaving in just a few weeks.

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