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Destiny 2: Atlas Skews Week 2 locations

Published: 1/Sep/2021 17:29

by Alec Mullins


The second set of weekly challenges has arrived in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost, so here’s what you need to know to move past the fetch-quest Tracing the Stars II. 

If you haven’t had your fill of exploring the Dreaming City yet, you’re in luck – Mara Sov has some more shiny Atlas Skews for you to collect out in the wild. Tracing the Stars is back for another frustration-inducing week.

If you still need to collect the first week’s worth of Atlas Skews, check out our guide here.


Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Shattered Realm Taken Enemies
Plenty of Taken enemies stand in between you and the Skews.

How to start Tracing the Stars II

In order to begin the quest, collect it from the Wayfinder’s Compass and then seek out Mara Sov on the other side of the portal in the H.E.L.M. She’ll refresh you on the purpose of the skews and set you on your way.


How to find all the Atlas Skews in Tracing the Stars II

All of this week’s Skews can be found inside The Strand, so we’ll be using the entrance to The Strand as a reference point for each of them.

The Strand is a location inside the Dreaming City. It’s a little bit scary, but less so if you know where you’re going.

Strand Towering Statue

From the entrance to The Strand, take the leftmost path to get started. Keep left at the first fork, then take a right at the second. Stop at the set of rocks and jump onto the rightmost rock. From there, boost yourself across to the statue and climb to the top. The Skew will be waiting for you there.

Strand Gazebo Statue

The green arrow shows precisely where you should be to find this sneaky little Skew.

Starting at the entrance to The Strand, take a left immediately out of the door. When the path splits, keep on the lower end and follow it all the way through. It will lead you to a bridge that connects to the gazebo. Once you reach the gazebo, find the pillar that sits on top of the left staircase. Behind that pillar is a large rock that you can jump on top of. Use that rock to climb to the top of the next tallest rock. This will give you the perfect view to identify and collect the Skew.


Garden Waterfall

For this skew, take a hard right when entering The Strand. Your path should be blocked by some Taken Acolytes that you can blow right through. Keep on this path until you reach the castle-like structure. Enter the castle and take the stairs on the right side. This should lead you to the Gardens of Esila. Keep following the path upward but stick to the right-hand side. The waterfall will come into view after you round the first bend. The skew sits amongst the rocks at the base of the waterfall.

Garden Bridge Tree

This skew starts the same way as the Garden Waterfall. Take a right directly out of the gates at The Strand and follow that path to the Gardens of Esila. This time, bypass the waterfall and continue moving straight ahead.


You will pass under a walking bridge and up some stairs onto a circular stage. There will be a path on the right side of the stage that will take you up a sketchy road and onto an elevated platform. Jump over the walls of the platform and continue your journey through the gate in front of you. The skew will be at the base of the tree in the very back.

Aphelion Brazier

Take the same path that you would for the Gazebo statue. Once you reach the bridge that leads to the gazebo, jump off the left-hand side and look for a cave entrance marked with a white painting. This cave will take you forward to Aphelion’s Rest. It is infested with enemies, so be ready to fight your way through. If you stick to the left side, you’ll eventually come into a room with a few broken pillars and a brazier. The skew is floating just behind the brazier.


Complete A Hollow Coronation again

This week’s Tracing the Stars reward is Fractethyst. Let’s hope it’s as good as last week’s hand cannon Vulpecula.

Turn in Tracing the Stars II

Just like Tracing the Stars I, the quest doesn’t actually end until you return to the H.E.L.M. and pick up the quest A Hollow Coronation. This will once again take you through the portal in the H.E.L.M. to the Caliburn Gatehouse, where you’ll divest with the second set of skews and be rewarded with more lore. Once you’re done inside the gatehouse, travel back through to the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M. and collect your reward- this week’s weapon is Fractethyst, a Legendary precision frame shotgun.

That’s all for this week’s guide. Enjoy blasting your way through the Season of the Lost with Fractethyst at your side.