Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Week 4 locations


The thrilling conclusion to Destiny 2’s most exciting fetch quest has arrived. Let’s find those Atlas Skews once more before we collect the non-season pass.

We trek back to the H.E.L.M. once more as Tracing the Stars 4 takes us back to the Sov clan and their connection to Atlas Skews

This week’s edition of the quest will take you into the Harbinger once more and you’ll continue through to the Confluence for a few skews as well.

If you haven’t completed previous weeks of the quest, you can find our other guides here.

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Here is everything you need to know about Tracing the Stars IV/A Hollow Coronation.


How to start the Tracing the Stars IV quest

Mara Sov, the Queen of the Reef, has a quest for you.

This week is slightly different, in that you don’t actually have to pick up Tracing the Stars, you only need A Hollow Coronation.

You can grab that quest at the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M. as usual.

Atlas Skew Week 4 locations

Spine of Keres portalBungie
You’ll need to find this bridge and fling yourself off the right side. Don’t worry – there’s some rocks to catch yourself on.

This week’s Atlas Skews are fairly close together. They all revolve around the Confluence and the Harbinger’s Seclude area, with the Gardens of Esila making a minor appearance. As usual, we’ll be using a specific location for the start of hunting the Skews, and this time it’s the portal that takes you from the Spine of Keres to the Confluence.

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To reach that portal, travel northwest out of the Divalian Mists, the same way you did in week one. Once you’ve crossed the two gaps that block your Sparrow from crossing, keep straight and stop at the bridge that leads into the Orrery. Jump off the right side and land on the rocks. Maneuver your way to the bottom of the rocks and enter the cave inside. This portal will take you to the confluence.

Confluence Giant Crystal

Destiny 2's Giant CrystalBungie
The skew will be on the far side of this crystal in the Confluence.

After you cross through the portal in the Spine, the first skew can be found directly ahead of you, on the far side of the giant crystal.

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Collect it and proceed to the big room directly ahead of you for the next one.

Harbinger’s Seclude – Cathedral

Confluence CathedralBungie
You’ll find an Atlas Skew right here underneath the statue.

In this room, follow the outside ring to the left and travel through the first door. Take the stairs down and continue straight into the next room.

You should find the skew sitting at the base of the cathedral statue.

Confluence Throne Portal

Confluence Throne RoomBungie
You can boost over or walk around the big pit in the center of the room to collect the Atlas Skew here.

Return up the stairs from the Cathedral and into the room with the outer ring. Instead of breaking off, go through the main door on the far side of where you entered.

You’ll have to boost across a huge pit in the middle of the next room, but the skew will be waiting for you on the other side.

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Exit through the same door that you came from and return back to the ring-shaped room.

Confluence Tree Triad

Triple Tree in Destiny 2Bungie
The fourth skew lies on the left side of the Triple Tree. Collect it and move forward towards the Gardens.

For this skew, go through the door that leads to the trees. This is on your left-hand side if you’re leaving the Throne room, right-hand side if you’re in the main entrance or directly across from you if you’re exiting the Cathedral.

The skew will be sitting on the left side of the trees. It should be in plain sight when you enter the room.

To head to the next skew, venture forth into the room with the light-red tinting ahead of you.

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Garden Entry Statue

The final skew is in the entrance to the Gardens of Esila, just a short walk from the Triple Tree

Once you’ve made it far enough into the room with the red tint, the Gardens of Esila location tag should appear on your screen. When it does, venture through the door on your left.

The final skew should be on the right side of the room underneath a large pillar.

Once you’ve picked up the final skew, open the Director and return to the H.E.L.M. and venture once more into the portal to the Caliburn Gatehouse.

Completing A Hollow Coronation

This is the final step of the quest. Deposit the Skews here in the Gatehouse and claim your prize.

You will already have the quest this time, so venture into the portal and realign the Atlas Skews and listen to Uldren Sov’s last recording about the story that set you on this path in the first place. After he’s done speaking, Mara will begin to give some additional context.

When then Sovs are done speaking, venture back through the portal and lay claim to the glorious Exotic weapon that we’ve been waiting these long weeks for.

Except, you can’t do that yet. There’s another hitch in the plan and you’ll need to return to Mara Sov and help her before anything else can happen.

A Hollow Coronation Continues

There’s always more to the story with Mara Sov. It turns out that Ager’s Scepter isn’t yours to have yet. She needs you to collect Strands of Nobility in order for her to unlock the weapon from its stasis, because of course she does. There’s enough drama between Mara and the Vanguard to make this whole questline feel like we’re just a few steps short of the entire pot boiling over.

She promises that Ager’s Scepter will be yours if you complete the things she’s asking for, so I suppose there’s no reason to stop now.

Head into an Astral Alignment quest and get to working on the requirements. In my experience, this only took two Alignments, but it will depend on how efficiently you tick off the boxes.

Once the first set of requirements are done, there is another step – defeating 18 champions, and earning 20 super kills, so you may need to start on an additional Alignment.

Collecting Strands of Nobility

The requirements for the second half of A Hollow CoronationThis is the last major step in A Hollow Coronation. The end is so close you can taste it.

After you’re done with the Astral Alignments, you’ll still have a few more goals to take care of. This time it’s a handful of Strikes that are spread out across the universe.

  1. Lake of Shadows (EDZ)
  2. The Disgraced (Cosmodrome)
  3. The Glassway (Europa)

Once this is done the quest will update once more, and it’s back to the H.E.L.M. to talk to Mara Sov.

Actually Completing A Hollow Coronation

When you speak with Mara Sov this time, she’ll give you the Noble Seal needed to unlock the scepter.

Travel back to the H.E.L.M. and you’ll notice that A Hollow Coronation is now a true Exotic Quest. When you load in, travel back through the portal and you’ll find Ager’s Scepter. You can actually pick it up this time too. Once you’ve collected it, the quest will update for the millionth time, and you will be instructed to blow up some rocks, just like the ones that are all around The Shattered Realm.

New exotic in Season of the Lost, Ager's ScepterBungie
The Scepter is finally ours. It’s hard not to feel like we did all the hard work while Mara just sat around in her bedroom the whole time.

After you make it through the rocks, you will then be prompted to take care of some bad guys before heading back to speak with Mara Sov one final time.

When you arrive back in her chambers, Mara will bestow upon you the climactic cutscene for this storyline. No spoilers here, but you should definitely watch it. The animation is absolutely perfect.

That’s it for our series on Tracing the Stars/A Hollow Coronation. All in all, I think this questline ended on a bang. That final cutscene is beautiful and we now have that sweet, sweet scepter to freeze enemies in place with.