Bungie sues Destiny 2 streamer after they threaten to “burn down” studio

Bungie sues streamerBungie

Bungie is taking drastic action against Destiny 2 streamer Luca ‘Miffsyworld’ Leone, suing the content creator for repeatedly cheating, selling emblems, and biggest of all, threatening to burn down their studio.

Toxicity and poor behavior is not anything new in the realm of video games. Developer threats, harassment, and verbal abuse have become normalized in a negative sense in today’s culture of toxicity.

However, Bungie is putting its foot down by suing a Destiny 2 streamer that harassed developers and threatened to “burn down” the company’s offices.

Miffsyworld, real name Luca Leone, created a total of thirteen different accounts to avoid cheating bans in-game, as well as selling emblems. Emblems are a form of collectible that players can use to personalize their profile in Destiny 2.

In tweets revealed in court documents, the streamer also stated plans to burn down Bungie’s Washington-based office and target employees with violence and harassment.

“I just realized I’ll be moving to a place that’s 30 minutes away from dmg [Dylan Gafner, a Senior Community Manager at Bungie].” He follows this up with another tweet saying “he is not safe”.

screen shot from the official court case

After they completed the move, Miffsyworld continued his very public threats on Twitter. In one tweet, they negotiated arson on an undisclosed location, then stating that they’d provide a discount if it was the Bungie Headquarters.

Outside of threats to the workers’ lives, Miffsyworld mocked the developers — mentioning employees by name and tagging Bungie while boasting about his blatant cheating: “7 bans in and still going strong @Bungie. Battleye is sh*t took me 30 seconds to get around your silly hardware ban.”

The situation became so elevated Dylan ‘dmg04‘ Gafner, the aforementioned Community Manager at Bungie, released a public statement regarding the treatment of the developers. While it didn’t name Miffysworld by name, the timing of the lawsuit and Gafner’s statement is very close.

Miffysworld is being sued for breaching Destiny 2’s Terms of Service and the contract associated with it, fraud, copyright infringement, and circumvention of technological measures (anti-cheat workarounds).

Bungie wants $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement, as well as $2,500 in damages per cheating case. They have also asked the Court to legally block Leone from “harassing, stalking, or otherwise engaging” with Bungie staff.

Leone is yet to reply to the lawsuit.