Bungie reveals first look at Destiny 2 Lightfall Mod Customization & Loadout Systems

destiny 2 lightfall artBungie

Bungie has given players a first look at some of Destiny 2’s Mod Customization and Loadout systems coming with the 2023 expansion Lightfall.

Since the introduction of Stasis and Light 3.0, Destiny 2 has really allowed players to get into build crafting around their sub-class, weapons, mods, and exotics.

With the recent changes giving all players every mod, as well as the removal of energy types on mods, Bungie is leaning into providing players the freedom and opportunity to build their Guardian in whichever way they’d like.

Bungie has now released further new information regarding how the mod customization and loadout systems will look when they arrive with Lightfall on February 28, 2023.

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It appears that Bungie will be allowing players to access mods for all their equipment on one screen. This is far easier to navigate than the current iteration of mod customization which forces players to go through several screens whilst changing their mods.

Players will also be able to change what perks they have on their weapons while in the mod customization menu, and will also be able to tell if they do or don’t have champion mods currently equipped.

Similarly, Bungie has also shown off a menu for the new loadout system coming with Lightfall as well. This system aims to encourage build crafting by removing the hassle of needing to manually equip mods each time they need to switch builds.

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It looks like players will be able to have up to 10 loadout slots, with the capability of using unique icons and names to identify which loadout they currently have available to them. Alongside this, the loadout system gives a brief preview as to what the loadout contains, including mods, armor, weapons, and exotic equipment.