Bungie reveals Destiny 2 plans to finally address The Veil after Lightfall backlash

Destiny 2 The WitnessBungie

The Veil won’t be a complete mystery for much longer in Destiny 2, it seems, as Bungie has addressed Lightfall backlash head-on, revealing new plans to detail the campaign’s biggest secret.

When Lightfall finally came into focus on February 28, the penultimate chapter in the Light and Darkness saga delivered a highly anticipated campaign, though one that quickly came under fire. Rather than beginning to answer near-decade-old questions and start to tie the narrative together ahead of The Final Shape next year, Lightfall instead continued the riddles and simply proposed even more questions.

What exactly does The Witness want? What is The Veil and why does everyone else but us seem to know? What actually happened to The Traveller? The new expansion didn’t quite clarify many of its biggest moments, leaving countless players scratching their heads.

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Well aware of its shortcomings with this initial campaign, Bungie has now addressed the feedback in a March 9 TWAB blog, assuring that certain questions will soon be answered through new content on the horizon.

destiny 2 lightfall nimbusBungie
Although Lightfall introduced new characters and storylines, it failed to address many existing beats in the franchise.

While in years past, new Destiny 2 campaigns have been pivotal for the overarching narrative, Bungie reminded fans of its newfound emphasis on seasonal arcs. “A new year of storytelling kicked off with Lightfall,” they reminded fans, “and will continue through our Seasons between now and The Final Shape.”

Typically, devs keep future seasonal missions and story beats under wraps as to save the surprises. However, given the immense wave of backlash to Lightfall’s campaign, Bungie felt it was “important to give everyone a preview of a particular quest” coming in Season of the Deep.

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Taking place on Neomuna, this upcoming quest looks to answer one of those aforementioned questions. Specifically, it’s set to cast a spotlight on The Veil and finally address what this mysterious MacGuffin actually is.

“Throughout this quest, players will explore the city to learn about the nature of the Veil through Osiris’s research and newly uncovered Ishtar Collective data. This brief pursuit will be available to all Lightfall owners and will take place separately from the events of Season of the Deep.”

Destiny 2 NeomunaBungie
Neomuna will soon give us answers on what The Veil actually is.

While this could have been in the plans all along, given the mission is entirely separate from the events of the upcoming season, it’s equally likely Bungie pivoted amid Lightfall criticism in order to get these details on The Veil upfront much sooner.

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Season of the Deep is expected to follow the current season, with a rough launch targeting the end of May.