Bungie responds after controversial Destiny 2 quest ends in disaster

. 2 years ago

Destiny 2’s Felwinter Lie questline has come to a screeching halt due to an unforeseen bug, and the furious player base has already taken aim at Bungie, and their lack of speed on fixing the major issue.

Bungie’s latest Destiny 2 event brought the community together to tackle nine million Seraph Tower runs. After a wave of immediate backlash and a subsequent change to the overall objective, the developers have once again found themselves in a rough patch as the questline nears its end.

As players pushed through their final runs and the step was ticked off on May 17, a new problem came to surface. After almost a week of collective efforts across EDZ, Earth’s Moon, and IO, players finally gained access to the final stages of ‘The Lie,’ but Guardians across the world soon discovered no one was able to progress through.

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The following steps had players investigating Vostok for Ana Bray before tallying up 1,000 shotgun kills. A lengthy questline all came to a head with the final step forcing players back to the Moon. Unfortunately, a quest-breaking bug is preventing anyone from going any further than that.

Community Manager Dylan ‘dmg04’ Gafner soon stepped in: “If you’re respawned at Eris when interacting with the Lie quest node on the Moon, you’re in a bugged state. Will investigate first thing in the morning, and get you updates asap.”

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As Bungie confirmed the issue with the final step, players responded with a mix of disappointment and frustration. Some called it a “letdown,” while others highlighted it as another flaw among a season of missteps.

“Obviously Bungie didn’t intend this, but it’s almost funny how this one quest is a perfect storm of bugs in a season that’s already looked down upon,” Reddit user AlphynKing said soon after Bungie responded to the major Felwinter Lie bug.

The original Felwinter’s shotgun was introduced as an Iron Banner reward in the very first year of Destiny 1.


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Until the issue is resolved, players will simply have to wait until they can get their hands on Felwinter’s Lie. Only time will tell if the iconic Destiny shotgun will pack just as much of a punch.

One thing is for sure though — this certainly isn’t the finale anyone had in mind after days of communal grinding and farming shotgun kills, and Guardians are already hoping Bungie’s promise that “things will be different” in Year 4 and beyond still holds true.

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