Bungie responds after errors sabotage Destiny 2 World First Vow of the Disciple raids

destiny 2 vow of the discipleBungie

Bungie responded to massive Destiny 2 connection errors ruining World First runs for the new Vow of the Disciple raid as the developers are looking into a rise of server instability.

Popular Twitch streamers and D2 raid teams have been getting hit with a flurry of ANTEATER, GUITAR, and BAT error codes that are stalling their attempt at clearing the latest raid.

Ahead of the Vow of the Disciple launch, Bungie took down Destiny 2’s servers for scheduled maintenance in preparation for the March 5 World First attempts. Hours into raid day, teams with popular streamers such as KingGothalion and Datto have run into their fair share of setbacks.

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The number of errors caught Bungie’s attention and now the studio is moving to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Bungie investigating D2 server errors

Bungie are now exploring solutions for Destiny 2 server problems that are plaguing Vow of the Disciple attempts.

For the time being, the devs said they would have some players go through a sign-on queue, likely to prioritize those who are gunning for a World First clear.

“We’re currently investigating connection issues in the Vow of Disciple raid, including ANTEATER, GUITAR, and BAT error codes,” they said. “We are currently investigating a rise in error codes and server instability.

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“Players who do not own a Destiny 2 Season or Expansion will begin to see a sign-on queue.”

The connection errors are producing unstable game connections that lag people out mid-raid. Even then, Destiny players are reportedly finding that some checkpoints aren’t registering how they should be, forcing them to restart from further back than expected.

“The ‘race’ is quite tainted now though regardless,” one fan said.

The issues have not deterred teams from attempting a world-first Vow of the Disciple clear, but all eyes are on Bungie to fix Destiny 2’s issues as teams progress further into the raid.

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