Bungie disables Destiny 2 text chat after players abuse game-crashing exploit

Bungie chat exploitBungie

Bungie has chosen to disable Destiny 2’s in-game text chat ability after an exploit was allowing players to crash their opponents’ games.

Destiny 2 players recently found a way to get themselves an instant win, particularly in PvP mode, by spamming the text chat during the game. Doing so would crash their opponents’ match and by default they would then get the win.

Players were quick to pick up on the issues, with the community urging Bungie on Reddit and other social media platforms to fix the issues. And, of course, they were highlighting the unsportsmanlike behaviour of those using this error to get themselves easy wins.

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Before Bungie took action, players were sharing how to try and prevent this issue for taking place. Things like turning whispers off, leaving your clan and avoiding joining anywhere with local/team chat were floated as ways to combat the exploit.

When Bungie became aware of the issue, they quickly took action. The devs have now decided to remove text chat from the game while they work on fixing the bug.

They confirmed this decision via Twitter and have since added that the game will be undergoing a quick maintenance fix that will likely add chat back into the game.

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An initial maintenance patch will take place at 10am PT on August 1. Bungie have confirmed that there will be downtime for this and that it will help prepare for the Hotfix patch to release the following day on August 2.

While Bungie hasn’t confirmed that this patch will be fixing the chat exploit one can assume that it will be doing so. Until Hotfix takes place however, Destiny players can expect the game to continue to run without in-game chat being accessible.