Bungie disables Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer mod that broke Telesto

Destiny 2 Telesto Artifact Mod Bug With LogoBungie

Already the buggiest gun in Destiny 2’s history, Telesto once again found itself in the thick of an exploit caused by a new artifact mod in Season of the Splicer that turned the exotic fusion rifle into the game’s most OP weapon.

While Destiny 2 has certainly seen its fair share of broken weapons, none has come close to achieving the legendary status of Telesto — so much so that the weapon’s propensity for being involved in exploits has become a running joke in the game’s community.

Although the exotic had remained mostly quiet — and un-bugged — during the last few seasons, it once again reared its head during Season of the Splicer when a combination with one of the new seasonal artifact mods completely broke the weapon yet again.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Artifact Mod FinalBungie
Season of the Splicer’s Energy Accelerant mod is causing some serious issues in Destiny 2’s sandbox.

The unintended exploit was discovered shortly after Season of the Splicer began, as players reached max level with their new seasonal artifact, the Paradrome Cube, and began unlocking and testing out all of its associated mods.

One of these mods in particular, Energy Accelerant, proved to be the latest cause of a Telesto-related fiasco. Its intended mechanic, increasing damage from explosive weapon perks like Dragonfly, Chain Reaction, and Firefly, soon spiraled out of control when paired with the fusion rifle.

After equipping the mod and trying it out, players quickly discovered that having the mod equipped while using Telesto effectively doubled the weapon’s damage output in all activities — even though it has none of the perks associated with the mod’s stated effect.

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Popular Destiny 2 content creator and statistician Aztecross tested out the weapon on a whim and quickly realized just how powerful it was when paired with Energy Accelerant: “It’s f**king broken. There’s no way Bungie doesn’t take this s**t down.”

Aztecross’s prediction quickly came true, as Bungie did in fact disable the mod across the board. On Twitter, the developer confirmed that the mod was unintentionally affecting damage from weapons like Telesto, and it would be disabled until a hotfix was sent out to correct the issue.

Despite Telesto being the headlining weapon that Energy Accelerant happened to break, it was not the only gun affected. Other exotics like the Symmetry scout rifle, which also has no stated connection to the perks buffed by the mod, saw similar increases in damage output.

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While Bungie will likely send out a small hotfix to address the issue in the near-future, the incident once again highlighted Telesto’s uncanny ability to break almost anything in Destiny 2, and reminded players that nothing is safe from its never-ending bugginess.