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Bungie announces Destiny 2 transmog changes after Armor Synthesis backlash

Published: 23/Jul/2021 7:57 Updated: 23/Jul/2021 8:28

by Brad Norton


Weeks after Armor Synthesis arrived in Destiny 2, much to the dismay of Guardians around the world, Bungie has finally announced new tweaks to address the transmog system controversy.

When Bungie first announced a transmog system was on the way to Destiny, players were elated by the news. After seven years of begging, Guardians would finally be able to change the appearance of their favorite characters while keeping the perks and stats they desire from other armor sets.

Almost immediately, however, this joy turned to anger as the community uncovered the truth: upon learning of the convoluted Armory Synthesis process, one that required hours of effort if you’re not willing to pay, Bungie faced a wave of backlash.


Weeks after the rollout, the devs have finally taken the first step to address the controversy. Here’s how Armor Synthesis will be changing in Season 15.

Destiny 2 ada
Guardians will no longer need to grind for Synthstrand before picking up bounties.

The first “minor” change in the pipeline is the removal of Synthstrand. This currency was passively earned as you killed enemies across any activity in Destiny 2. Players could then exchange it for Armor Synthesis bounties that would then help you advance to the next step.

Moving forward, this initial grind will be removed entirely. Instead, players can begin the bounty grind right away by purchasing new tasks from Ada-1 with 10,000 Glimmer.

“Our hope is that this change reduces the time needed to earn your 10 Synthweave tokens per class each season,” Bungie outlined in their July 22 blog post.


Not only that, but in removing this passive currency, it also helps “free up a slot in the consumable inventory bucket”. As a result, the overall transmog process should be a little less ‘complex’ down the line.

Destiny 2 gameplay
Glimmer will be the key to the first transmog step in Season 15.

Season 15 is expected to go live shortly following The Witch Queen expansion showcase on August 24. So for the next few weeks, you’ll still have to farm Synthstrand as per usual.

This is just the first update in the process, Bungie added. If the controversy is still hot after Season 15, it’s safe to more changes should be on the way.