Bungie addresses Destiny 2 player concerns over Titan subclass similarity ahead of Lightfall

strand titanBungie

Bungie has taken to Twitter to soothe player concerns about Titan’s newest Strand subclass being too similar to their previous ones.

Lightfall is quickly approaching Destiny 2, with a new campaign, new destination, new enemies, allies, and more. It’s a good time to be a Destiny 2 player. The newest expansion will also give us the second darkness subclass Strand, with the first one being released back in 2020 with Beyond Light.

Strand allows for Guardians to wield and form matter from their very own hands, allowing them to shape weapons from thin air and see between the lines. For Hunter, this comes in the form of a dart rope, which is able to demolish enemies whilst grappling around the map. Warlocks will have the power to control Threadlings, little minions of Strand which will explode upon enemies at will. Finally, Titans are receiving the Berserker subclass, which has them forge arm blades of Strand to cut down their foes.

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However, players have expressed concern specifically about the Titan subclass, including its super. Titans have historically been considered the tanky brute class, that can bowl through enemies with ease and protect their allies when needed. As such, Titan’s supers are almost entirely melee based and involve running/ dashing and punching/slamming stuff.

lightfall strand titanBungie
Strand Titans will wield strand blades on their arms.

Bungie has shown what Strand Titan will be like in a recent blog post and trailer, where the armored beasts run rampart with their arm blades. This, unfortunately, looks rather similar to almost all other Titan subclasses, as Strand Titan will also be using a dash and melee abilities, charging through the battlefield.

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In response, players have shown heavy concern over the class, worried it’ll feel and play just like every other super/ subclass that came before it. Fortunately, Bungie was swift to listen to player feedback and took to Twitter to address the issues.

Bungie has stated that their team understands the current landscape of Titan supers, and has ensured that Strand Titan offers “new gameplay opportunities” that will make it feel different and fresh in comparison to older ones.

Players were pleased with Bungie’s timely response to their concerns, clearly showing that they care about their player base. Most have complimented the team for their efforts, and appreciate the open communication between the team and player base.

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Only time will tell if the Titan we receive is any different from the previous Titan subclass, but we’ll definitely know when Light falls on February 28, 2023.