All weapon buffs & nerfs coming in Destiny 2 Season 14 update

Destiny 2 weapon buffs and nerfs season 14Bungie

Bungie is setting up Destiny 2 for a major balancing update with the Season 14 content drop. Almost every weapon will be tweaked in some capacity so get ahead of the curve with our full rundown on every incoming buff and nerf.

With each new seasonal update, Bungie takes the opportunity to shake things up in Destiny 2. Outside of more minor weekly patches, these sizable updates often provide the biggest balancing adjustments throughout any given year.

With Season 14 just one week away, it’s shaping up no different with tons of weapon changes already locked in. From Exotic buffs to overall archetype nerfs, there’s plenty to keep on top of.

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Below is a complete overview of every Destiny 2 weapon buff and nerf ahead of the Season 14 update.

Weapon archetype changes in Destiny 2 Season 14

Destiny 2 fusion rifle gameplayBungie
Fusion Rifles are in store for some of the biggest changes in Season 14.

Fusion Rifles are first in line for a few key changes this season. Specifically, Linear Fusion Rifles are receiving some of the biggest buffs of any weapon type in Destiny 2. Precision damage is being buffed by a whopping 15% and reserve ammo is being boosted by a further 20%.

Bungie outlined how these improvements were necessary in an April 29 blog post. With other weapons “doing their intender job better,” big adjustments were required to bump these weapons back in line across both PVE and PVP.

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On the other side of the equation, standard Fusion Rifles will be scaled back slightly with the Season 14 patch. While the weapon type isn’t being changed to its core, it’ll soon come with a slightly bigger damage falloff distance. Meaning you’ll need to get in close to maximize your impact.

Precision Auto Rifles are also being hit with a small buff. Overall damage per bullet is being raised from 17 to 18.

Additionally, we already knew that a good number of Hand Cannon changes are also lined up for the Season 14 update. From archetype changes to perk nerfs, you can read up on the full list of Hand Cannon adjustments here.

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Weapon Perks & Mod changes in Destiny 2 Season 14

Destiny 2 dragonfly perkBungie
Dragonfly has long been a popular perk in Destiny 2 and soon, it’ll be even more effective.

Outside of weapon archetype changes, a ton of perks and mods are also being hit with various buffs and nerfs in Season 14. Among the highlights are a vastly improved Dragonfly, a more effective Unrelenting, and more powerful Sympathetic Arsenal.

To that point, Subsistence will also see its negative effect completely scratched from the game. Reserve ammo will no longer be reduced when using the perk and SMGs will feel the same effects as Auto Rifles to boot.

In terms of weapon mods, three unique changes were highlighted. Adept Mag and Adept Targeting will soon have lesser penalties. Meanwhile, Adept Counterbalance will further improve on its recoil benefits in Season 14.

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Weapon buffs & nerfs during Destiny 2 Season 14

Destiny 2 hand cannon gameplayBungie
Everything from Auto Rifles to Hand Cannons will be noticeably different in Season 14.

While a good amount of changes are on the way for the beginning of Season 14, we can also expect to see a few more over the next few months. Three key adjustments were outlined as Bungie announced further plans to tweak Shotguns, Fusion Rifles, and one particular Hand Cannon.

First up, the devs are keeping a close eye on Shotguns in general. While map design plays a role in Shotgun usage, Bungie admitted, they want other weapons to enter the spotlight through balancing tweaks. Expect to see some unique changes midway through Season 14.

With select Hand Cannon nerfs on the way, Bungie believes the Dead Man’s Tale will quickly become a top-pick in PVP. As a result, they’ve already got a nerf prepared behind the scenes. If things get out of hand, expect to see it implemented in no time.

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Also, there’s a good chance Fusion Rifles could be tweaked throughout the season as well, though no specifics were mentioned.

All Destiny 2 Season 14 nerfs & buffs

Weapon Archetypes

Precision (450 rpm) Auto Rifles:

  • Increased Precision (450 rpm) Auto Rifle damage per bullet from 17 to 18.


  • Added existing but unobtainable rare Linear Fusion Rifle and Breech Grenade Launchers to the World Loot Pool.

Linear Fusion Rifles:

  • Increased precision damage by 15%
  • Increased reserve ammo by 20%

Fusion Rifles:

  • Increased damage falloff start distance for Fusion Rifles, no effect on 100 range stat, +2m on 0 range stat.


  • No longer reduces reserve ammunition.
  • Submachine Guns now receive the same ammo fraction per takedown that Auto Rifles do (was 10%, like most weapons, now 17%, same as Auto Rifles).
High-Impact Reserves and Under Pressure:
  • These are now active as long as their conditions are met.
  • Now easier to trigger in PvE (immediate trigger on majors) and heals 20% more.
Sympathetic Arsenal:
  • Now grants +20 reload in addition to its primary effect.
  • Now works on heavy shanks and servitors, and occurs even faster than after the Season of the Chosen fix.
Hip-fire Grip:
  • +1 degrees precision hip fire angle threshold, +1.2x reticle stickiness falloff distance.
  • One degree doesn’t seem like that much, but for reference Hand Cannon aim assist cone angle is 2.5 degrees at 0 AA, to 3 degrees at 100 AA, and you can feel the difference between a 90 AA hand cannon and a 100 AA hand cannon (a 0.05-degree increase), so a small difference can be significant.
  • Note that precision hip-fire angle caps at the aim down sights aim assist cone angle.
Iron Grip, Iron Gaze, Iron Reach:
  • Reduced secondary stat penalty from -40 to -30.
Osmosis and Elemental Capacitor:
  • Osmosis now switches the weapon to Stasis damage when playing a Stasis subclass – this should work for any mechanics that ask for Stasis damage (but not for Stasis ability damage). Also created stasis VFX for all weapon types that Osmosis can appear on (more coming later).
  • Elemental Capacitor with a Stasis subclass grants +recoil direction and reduces ADS move speed penalty.
No Distractions:
  • Reduced trigger time from 1.5s to 1s and increased flinch reduction from 30% to 35%.
Celerity and Bottomless Grief:
  • Celerity: Now always grants +20 to handling and +20 to reload in addition to the triggered effect.
  • Bottomless Grief: Now always grants +30 to magazine in addition to the triggered effect.
Thresh: This change is already live and not a buff so much as a bug fix (Thresh unintentionally only worked in PvP for certain weapons in Beyond Light) but Thresh has worked for all weapon types in PvP since Season of the Chosen launch.


Adept Mag, Adept Targeting:
  • Reduced secondary stat penalty from -20 to -15.
  • Fixed Adept Mag not granting reserves when applied to a Sword.
Adept Counterbalance:
  • Increased recoil direction benefit.


MIDA Multitool:
  • Changed the catalyst perk from Outlaw to No Distractions.
Hawkmoon: Increased priority of Paracausal Charge and Paracausal Shot buff text (this was sometimes dropping off the bottom of the list).