Terrifier 2 producer says “door is open” for Dead by Daylight collab

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Terrifier 2’s Steve Barton has once again expressed an interest in partnering with developer Behaviour Interactive for a Dead by Daylight collaboration.

The indie horror sequel hit theaters in October, then quickly took the box office by storm. To date, Terrifier 2 has scared up an impressive $10 million worldwide off the back of a $250,000 budget.

Such success is owed, in large part, to positive word-of-mouth from moviegoers. Claims of the film causing viewers to feel nauseous to the point of vomiting also boosted public interest.

It makes sense, then, that Dead by Daylight fans want the film’s Art the Clown to star in a future chapter.

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Terrifier 2 Producer is game for a Dead by Daylight collaboration

In response to a fan on Twitter suggesting a DBD crossover, Terrifier 2 Producer Steve Barton said the ball is in developer Behaviour Interactive’s court. “That’s on them. Our door’s open,” Barton wrote.

Notably, this isn’t the first time Steve Barton has made known his interest in a Terrifier 2 and Dead by Daylight crossover.

Shortly after the sequel’s theatrical debut, Barton tweeted that fans should rally for Art the Clown to appear in the asymmetrical multiplayer game. The post read in part, “#arttheclown for #DeadbyDaylight make it happen. I’m a DM away.”

Evidently, nothing has come of the rallying cry as of yet. It’s not entirely beyond the realm of possibility, though.

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Dead by Daylight has hosted many an iconic Killer on its maps, including the likes of Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, Michael Myers, and Ringu’s (The Ring) Sadako Yamamura.

To the delight of fans, the title has also featured beloved horror figures from gaming such as Pyramid Head and Nemesis.

Hopefully, Terrifier’s Art the Clown is one day able to join these prestigious ranks.

Terrifier 2 is playing in theaters now.