Dead by Daylight delays long-awaited Wiggle Escape System feature

dead by daylight wiggle escape system delayBehaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has delayed Dead by Daylight’s Wiggle Escape System, which will now arrive on an unspecified date in 2023.

Dead by Daylight is a game of cat and mouse, whereby Killers track down Survivors desperately trying to escape. Not all hope is lost for those who wind up in the clutches of a Killer, though.

At present, Survivors can attempt to escape their captors after being grabbed by wiggling the analog sticks on a controller.

This system poses accessibility concerns, given that some players with limited hand mobility have difficulty engaging in the task.

Behaviour made adjustments to the system by adding time challenges whose functionality resembles the generator repair mini-game.

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Dead by Daylight Wiggle Escape System now coming in 2023

dead by daylight wiggle escape system delayBehaviour Interactive
Changes to Dead by Daylight’s Year 7 Roadmap.

The new wiggle system became playable in Dead by Daylight’s midchapter PTB in January of this year. During the Anniversary Broadcast in May, Behaviour hinted the reworked mechanic would become permanent this fall.

Such plans have since been revised, according to a development update from the studio. The team announced two changes to its Year 7 Roadmap – Gameflow Improvements and the Wiggle Escape System will now arrive in the first quarter of 2023.

Behaviour’s postponement of these features rests in a desire to ensure each addition is fully polished before release.

Despite the Wiggle Escap System delay, the latest content releases suggest the future of Dead by Daylight is bright.

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For one, the title just received an Attack on Titan Collection skins for the likes of Mikasa, Erin, and the War Hammer Titan.

Dead by Daylight’s recent 6.1 update also introduced a progression revamp, perk changes, and matchmaking-related improvements.