Dead by Daylight devs tease custom maps for patch 6.1

dead by daylight custom maps teaseBehaviour Interactive

Developer Behaviour Interactive recently shared a social media post that seems to suggest Dead by Daylight will finally receive custom maps in Patch 6.1

Dead by Daylight divides its arenas into Realms, which typically play host to one or more playable maps. The MacMillan Estate, for instance, boasts five different maps on which Killers can stalk Survivors.

Notably, each map comes equipped with Maze Tiles or Gyms used to construct Dead by Daylight’s various Realms.

Now it appears as though players will soon gain access to tools that let them generate their own sinister play spaces.

The next Dead by Daylight update could introduce custom maps

dead by daylight custom maps possibly teasedBehaviour Interactive
User-generated maps could come to Dead by Daylight.

On July 14, the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account unleashed a gameplay clip of the MacMillan Estate. The post’s caption pondered, “How did these tiles get here?”

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Presumably, the Maze Tiles in question were added via custom map tools, which could arrive as early as Patch 6.1.

This belief aligns with details shared by a reliable fan-run account, DBDLeaks, that claimed on June 30 that a Public Test Build of Patch 6.1 featured the “first test” of a user-generated map.

Custom maps in Dead by Daylight could prove quite the game-changer for the asymmetrical multiplayer title.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Behaviour Interactive has not yet confirmed the feature’s existence.

Update 6.1 is expected to arrive on Tuesday, July 19. User-generated maps or not, the upcoming patch will most notably unleash Dead by Daylight’s Attack on Titan crossover.

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Since hitting the market approximately five years ago, Dead by Daylight has featured brand crossovers from several iconic horror franchises, including Resident Evil, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream.

And sometime this summer, the Behaviour-developed title will expand its horizons into the realm of killer dating sims.