Dead by Daylight’s next killer could be Ringu’s Sadako

Sam Smith
Dead by daylight ringu logo
Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight’s next chapter will be inspired by the iconic Japanese horror franchise Ringu. This means that the murderous spirit of Sadako could soon be joining the game’s roster of killers.

Dead by Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive have revealed that the game’s next chapter will be themed around Japanese horror franchise Ringu, meaning the iconic vengeful ghost Sadako could soon be climbing out of wells and stalking players. The online game often adds classic horror icons to its roster, and Ringu is one of Japan’s most celebrated and terrifying franchises.

It’s speculation until confirmed by the devs, but we suspect Ringu’s franchise monster Sadako may be added to Dead by Daylight – although so far, only a well has been seen. A Hollywood remake of Ringu was remade in 2002, simply called The Ring, and spawned two sequels. So, audiences may be more familiar with the ghostly Samara than Sadako, but the teaser is clear that it will be the original Japanese version of the story we’ll be seeing in Dead by Daylight, instead of the western equivalent.

Ringu well in Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive
Those who’ve seen Ringu will know what happens next.

When is Ringu coming to Dead by Daylight?

No concrete release date has been given yet, but Chapter 23, the Ringu chapter of Dead by Daylight will release sometime in March 2022. We imagine more details will be coming in the New Year.

Dead by Daylight Ringu trailer

To be clear, the trailer doesn’t reveal Sadako herself, it only shows the well she infamously climbs out of in the movies and original Ringu novel. In all iterations of Ringu, Sadako is intent on punishing others for her own tragic life and death.

The character haunts a VHS tape that shows her climbing out her well. She then trudges towards the audience’s screen menacingly before the tape is usually turned off in fear. The viewer then receives a phone call from her saying “seven days.” After this time, Sadako stalks and kills her victim either by frightening them to death or by some physical means.

You can watch the new Dead by Daylight Ringu teaser below, just don’t answer the phone after watching it…

Dead by Daylight Ringu chapter details

It will be interesting to see how a new Ringu-themed character kills their victims in Dead by Daylight, as in Ringu, most deaths take place off-screen. After watching the videotape, victims are usually shown scrambling away in terror before the camera cuts away.

This is when the curse inevitably catches and kills the poor soul. This mechanic may not be able to work in an online game, so hopefully, the devs will show some gameplay soon, giving us some clarity regarding this question. We’re also keen to see exactly who climbs out the well, but we have a feeling about who it could be.

Could the game even introduce a new mechanic where players have to avoid seeing the tape somehow? It’s hard to say for now, but we look forward to hearing more.

Talking about the new chapter, Dead by Daylight director Mathieu Côté said, “The importance of the Ringu franchise in Japan, and its influence on culture around the world are undeniable. To be given the opportunity to dive into that legendary story as we bring this creation into Dead by Daylight is an immense honor. This new Chapter will give our players something intensely dark and troubling, a real heart-pounding experience that adds to the already high intensity of our game.”