Dead by Daylight Halloween event (2022): Haunted by Daylight, DbD Tome 13 & free weekend

Key art for Dead by Daylight's Halloween 2022 event, Haunted by DaylightBehaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight’s upcoming Halloween event for 2022 has just been revealed as ‘Haunted by Daylight’, so here’s everything players can expect to see in The Fog throughout October, including DbD’s Tome 13, Malevolence, and its release date.

Each year in Dead by Daylight, Survivors and Killers alike can expect a whole host of Halloween-themed events to sink their teeth into, and 2022 looks to be no different.

During the upcoming Haunted by Daylight event, Tome 13: Malevolence will also enter the fray, with the ‘Hallowed Blight Collection’ and ‘Tricks and Treats Collection’ both providing new looks to dress your characters up in the game with — so here’s everything you can expect to see this Halloween in DbD.

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Haunted by Daylight art for DbD with characters in costumeBehaviour Interactive
DbD’s Halloween event will introduce lots of festive, spooky content into the Fog

Dead by Daylight Haunted by Daylight release date

Dead by Daylight’s in-game Halloween event for 2022, Haunted by Daylight, will release on October 13, 2022, and run through November 3.

The festivities will kick off slightly earlier, though, with the ‘Hallowed Blight Collection’ and ‘Tricks and Treats Collection’ arriving on October 11 alongside content from last year’s ‘Midnight Grove Collection’.

Haunted by Daylight Halloween event in DbD

In a press release shared by Behaviour Interactive, the team shared that this year’s event will “allow players to take advantage of a slew of horrifying cosmetics to unlock, The Fog’s unsettling atmosphere, and intense challenges!”

Alongside the usual fare of lobby and loading screen changes to fit the Halloween theme, Void Energy will make its way into the Trial — a new gameplay mechanic that will need to be collected and deposited into Unstable Rifts, providing players with a total of 12 Halloween-themed Killer and Survivor cosmetics to unlock.

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What’s more, there are even the usual login rewards and even a Free Weekend period from October 27 through to November 1, meaning gamers curious to check out Dead by Daylight’s gameplay can hop in to check it out leading up to, and on, Halloween weekend.

Haunted by Daylight schedule and roadmapBehaviour Interactive
There’s plenty to do this Halloween season in Dead by Daylight.

Haunted by Daylight schedule

Below, you’ll find a list of when each phase of Haunted by Daylight kicks off in DbD:

  • October 11 – Update release & store content release
  • October 12 – Tome 13: Malevolence release
  • October 13 through November 3 – Haunted by Daylight event kick-off & daily rewards
  • October 19 – Dead by Daylight livestream
  • October 27 through November 1 – DbD Free Weekend

At the end of October, a still TBA date also points towards a merch drop. As more details are revealed on that, we’ll update this section with further news.

Finally, a Halloween sales period of up to 60% off will take place on the following dates and platforms:

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  • October 18 through November 1 – Nintendo Switch & Epic Games
  • October 19 through October 31 – Xbox Series X|S
  • October 19 through November 1 – Steam
  • October 19 through November 2 – PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4

Haunted by Daylight trailer

The Haunted by Daylight trailer provides an in-depth sneak peek of what players can expect to get up to during the event, alongside showcasing Tome 13’s new Rift cosmetics, from varying masks for The Ghost Face to a ‘Bewitching Barista’ skin for Mikaela Reid.

What’s more, players can also unlock community-designed skins for The Artist called ‘Fallen Angel’ alongside the ‘Midnight Techwear’ skin for Yui Kimura, both of which can be found in the Free Track of the Rift itself. Two community-designed Charms are also available, one titled ‘Have You Seen This Horse?’ and the latter: ‘Bloodpoint Gummies’.

You can check it out below for a full breakdown of what to expect:

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When does Archives Tome 13: Malevolence release in Dead by Daylight?

One day before Haunted by Daylight kicks off, Tome 13, Malevolence, will release in DbD on October 12, 2022. The two characters at the center of this new tome are The Ghost Face Killer and Survivor Mikaela Reid, both of who will receive new memories to uncover — the former of which centers around a local cartoonist that “parodies him in the local papers.”

According to Behaviour Interactive’s press release, gamers can also look forward to lots of cool rewards in the Rift, stating there are “tons of surprises that await them as they progress through the Rift, including Charms, Outfits and exclusive masks variations for Ghost Face®.”

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Key art for Dead by Daylight Tome 13, MalevolenceBehaviour Interactive
Art for the Tricks of Treats Collection of outfits in Dead by DaylightBehaviour Interactive

DbD Halloween 2022 outfit Collections

This year sees two new outfit Collections making their way into the store: the Halloween Blight Collection and the limited-time Tricks and Treats Collection, which will release on October 11, 2022, and disappear from the store on November 3. The Midnight Grove collection will also make its return, alongside two brand-new outfits for Mikaela and The Doctor.

Below are all of the characters to receive new cosmetics from either of these Collections:

  • Mikaela Reid
  • The Doctor
  • The Oni
  • The Mastermind
  • Jane Romero
  • Dwight Fairfield

Albert Wesker's outfit for Hallowed Blight in DbDBehaviour Interactive

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about DbD’s Halloween event for 2022, Haunted by Daylight. If more information is revealed, we’ll update you with all of the latest details, so make sure to check back regularly in the run-up to the event’s start date.

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