Dead by Daylight devs reveal new dating sim ‘Hooked on You’ is in the works

. 1 month ago
DbD Hooked on You artwork
BeHaviour Interactive

Hooked on You, a standout aspect of the 6th-anniversary stream by Dead by Daylight’s developers BeHaviour Interactive with the announcement trailer grabbing the internet’s attention. 

Hooked on You: a Dead by Daylight dating sim is shaping up to be an unexpected hit. With the horror game community closely linked to the cosplay community, requests by both for a dating simulator have now been answered.

The dating simulator will feature players running into the open arms of the characters they’ve spent so much time hiding from in the iconic asymmetrical survival game.

Taking to Twitter to prove that they’re happy to take themselves with a pinch of salt, the DbD Twitter responded to the announcement with ‘Sex? In DbD? It’s more likely than you think.”

With details around the release sparse, all we know for sure is that the game is due to be released in the summer of 2022, and that it’s being developed by Psyop, a dating sim developer specialist.

Gameplay details will likely follow in the footsteps of previous Psyops titles with players vying for the attention of one of the four dateable DbD killers. These being The Huntress, The Spirit, The Trapper, and The Wraith.

All of this will take place on the beach getaway paradise of ‘Murderer’s Island’. A far cry from the dark and dingy locales that DbD players are used to.

We’ve embedded the undeniably fun announcement below for your viewing pleasure.

Offering multiple endings for each Killer, the game promises to offer players everything from “passionate true love, to platonic friendship, to bitter loathing. Just like real dating!”

If the game proves to be half as joyously ridiculous as the trailer, it’ll be sure to make a big impact in the DbD community. We’ll keep you updated with any more news if and when it comes.

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