Dead by Daylight players think Disney employee is teasing an Alien chapter

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Dead by Daylight fans think a Disney employee is teasing an Alien crossover for the upcoming Alien Day celebration.

For the last several years, Dead by Daylight has allowed players to either play as or run screaming away from iconic figures in horror.

Some of the more recent crossovers have brought the likes of Ringu’s Samara, Pinhead, and Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker into the mix.

Yet another big franchise could enter the world of Dead by Daylight soon enough. And fans believe they’ve already figured out who – or what – will be the star of the show.

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A Dead by Daylight x Alien reveal could be on the way

The DbD and Alien crossover rumor stems from a few Twitter posts and likes by Ken Pejoro, the Franchise Management Coordinator at Disney.

Reddit user Chillchinchila1818 noticed that a tweet from Pejoro in October 2022 asked DBD fans which “legendary horror characters” they’d like to see next in-game.

The Redditor also called attention to the coordinator’s use of the #SciFi hashtag. He recycled that hashtag earlier this month when reminding fans that Alien Day falls on April 26.

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One of the most compelling pieces of evidence, if it can be called that, is someone responding to the October 2022 tweet with the following – “Alien for DBD’s 7th anniversary this year.” Pejoro liked the reply soon thereafter, adding further credence to the rumor.

One final piece to the puzzle comes from a post on the Dead by Daylight Twitter page. A few days ago, the account announced that players could unlock the Premium Rift Pass for free with Prime Gaming. Strangely enough, the rewards begin on April 26 – Alien Day.

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Do these supposed hints and teases suggest the near-future arrival of a Dead by Daylight and Alien crossover? Many diehard DBD fans seem to believe it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. It’s also possible we’ll know for certain in just a matter of days.

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