5 most absurd Cyberpunk 2077 bugs you have to see

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Corporations run riot, crime is constantly on the rise, and strange visual oddities appear at every turn. The future is certainly bleak and full of bugs in Cyberpunk 2077.

Despite receiving several hotfixes since launch and undergoing a massive refund fiasco, Cyberpunk 2077 still remains a buggy mess. From T-posing enemies to absurd texture glitches, Night City is home to some truly hilarious bugs. If you’ve spent any amount of time in games sprawling metropolis, then chances are you’ve encountered some bizarre occurrences. 

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While many Cyberpunk fans have rightfully been disappointed in the game’s buggy performance, there have been many who choose to revel in their discovery. In fact, social media and various streaming platforms have been bombarded with thousands of clips of Cyberpunk 2077 misbehaving. So then, it’s only right that we list a few of our favorites. 

The no pants bike glitch

Popular Twitch streamer SwaggerSouls encountered this bug while driving through Night City on his bike. As SwaggerSouls tears his way down the street, his character ends up standing up and leaving his shorts on the bike’s seat. Instead of adopting the usual seated method used to ride a bike, V adopts a mini T-pose and drives naked from the waist down towards horrified onlookers. 

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When V finally decides things are getting a bit too chilly, he sits back down on the bike, leaving a floating head above him. While this is happening, SwaggerSouls can be heard cackling in the background. It’s certainly a unique way to ride a bike and one we wouldn’t recommend. 

Car hijack gone wrong

Cyberpunk 2077 may be set in the not too distant future, but despite the game’s technological advances, teleportation still doesn’t exist. Well, not officially anyway. This mind-boggling bug happened to Reddit user JokerOnRL when he attempted to hijack a nearby car. 

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However, this player got more than he bargained for when he tossed the car’s owner out of the vehicle. During the game’s grab animation, the camera turns upside down and sends the car flying onto a nearby roof. Quite how he managed to get down remains a mystery. 

A driverless win

At first, this bug may seem rather mundane – after all, it’s just a missing button prompt glitch. However, what follows is the race of a lifetime. Upon selecting the Beast in Me: Santo Domingo quest, Reddit user BattleScones can be seen heading over to his car. Everything looks normal as all the racers are all lined up ready to begin. However, BattleScones quickly realizes that he can’t actually get into his car.

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Instead of giving up, the player jumps onto the car in front of him and begins the race. What follows is a series of random events that see everything from flying bikes to numerous car collisions. Even a Delamain cab makes its way into the race and smashes into the player’s car. However, what really separates this clip from the others, is BattleScones’ hilarious commentary. 

He’s in rough shape, but alive

During the Big in Japan Side Job, V must head over to the Tyger Claw infested slums on the outskirts of Kabuki. It’s here where the player must locate a man who has been locked inside a container. It’s a pretty simple quest and one that can be completed fairly quickly provided you manage to take down the local gang members. 

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However, for Reddit user mop_lawyer, this wasn’t to be the case. Upon opening the container, glass instantly shatters and lands on the body that had fallen out of the container. This instantly results in a Doom-like death that sees the body explode, leaving nothing but a gunky pool of blood behind. V can then be heard saying “Ah sh*t. He’s in rough shape…but alive. Let’s see what Dennis has to say.”

Unless V managed to copy the man’s consciousness onto an Araska engram, there’s no way this man is joining the living. 

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The Heist gun glitch (Heavy Spoilers)

If you haven’t completed Cyberpunk 2077’s prologue, then be sure to finish it and come back before you watch the above clip. Now that’s out the way, we can dive into what makes this glitch so funny and heartbreaking at the same time. For the majority of Cyberpunk players, The Heist was a defining moment – one that helps cement V’s motives for the rest of the game.

However, Matroska _ had the mission’s emotional climax ruined thanks to a visual glitch that replaced the Relic with a gun. Instead of taking the Relic out of his head, Jackie pulls a floating gun from out of his head and places it into V’s. Not only does this bug completely destroy what is otherwise an emotional scene, it also turns it into a comedic one that is devoid of any impact. 

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So there you have it, five of the most absurd bugs we’ve seen in Cyberpunk 2077. For more Cyberpunk 2077 news and updates, follow us on @Dexerto.

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