Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 cosplayer goes viral with incredible Judy transformation TikTok

Published: 29/Dec/2020 16:55

by Daniel Megarry


A talented Cyberpunk 2077 cosplayer has gone viral with a TikTok that sees her make an impressive transformation into Judy Alvarez.

After almost a decade of waiting, CD Projekt Red’s highly-anticipated open-world game is finally out. It’s had a mixed response from players, with many left frustrated over bugs and glitches that have plagued the game since launch.

Despite these issues, the game’s detailed and colorful cast of NPCs has won over a legion of fans, and more than a few of them have seized the opportunity to recreate their favorite characters in real life with some impressive cosplay outfits.

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Alvarez
CD Projekt RED
Judy Alvarez has become a fan-favorite character in Cyberpunk 2077

The latest comes from cosplayer Molzenna, who recreated the popular ‘transformation’ trend from TikTok while dressed as Moxes member Judy Alvarez. It’s gone viral on the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit, with over 30,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

The clip starts with Molzenna wearing pajamas, but after throwing a sneaker into the air and catching it with her foot, she becomes fan-favorite Cyberpunk 2077 character Judy, complete with dip-dyed hair and black leather overalls.

I really like how this Judy cosplay transformation turned out, so I thought this subreddit might enjoy it too >////< Sorry if that’s too much for you guys haha from cyberpunkgame


The comments section is full of people praising her transformation, requesting to see more Cyberpunk 2077 cosplays, and even asking where she got her shoes (they’re Rick Owens Geobaskets, apparently).

“Holy smokes this is amazing,” wrote one Reddit user, while another praised: “You look perfect, this is fantastic. Strong work.”

Molzenna also shared images from a photoshoot that she did while dressed as Judy on Instagram, showing off the hard work that went into the Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay.

Many people highlighted the quality of the tattoos featured in the cosplay, pointing out how similar they are to the character’s appearance in the game. Molzenna explained how she managed to achieve the look with temporary tattoos.

“The tattoos were redrawn from scratch based on game screenshots, sized accordingly, and then printed on a special water paper, which allows to decal the print on human skin,” she explained. “They are not crazy long-lasting though, but enough for cosplay.”

It’s not just cosplaying that Cyberpunk 2077 has inspired – one imaginative player recreated the game as a PS1 release, complete with hilarious glitches and a distorted version of Keanu Reeves’ character Johnny Silverhand.


World of Warcraft cosplayer rules over Bastion as amazing Kyrestia

Published: 15/Jan/2021 13:01

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft has inspired a whole collection of amazing cosplays, but one cosplayer truly brings WoW into reality with her amazing Kyrestia cosplay. 

When it comes to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft universe, there are limitless possibilities to create amazing cosplays. The huge array of iconic characters, coupled with the impressive customization for your own hero or villain, makes the title perfect for passionate fans.

We recently saw cosplayer Cinderys create an amazing Sylvanas cosplay just in time for the release of Shadowlands, which in turn managed to score her Blizzard’s seal of approval.

This time around the subject of this amazing cosplay is Sylvanas’ polar opposite, Kyrestia the Firstborne, the ruler of Bastion.

WoW Kyrestia
Blizzard Entertainment
Kyrestia has become one of The Ascended’s most iconic faces.

Cosplayer ascends as Kyrestia

2021 has brought with it a lot of insane cosplays, but this one is certainly one of the most memorable so far.

Artist PlexiCosplay (Plexi) has outdone herself with this beautiful transformation. Having painted herself aqua from head to toe, she can be seen adorned in Kyrestia’s iconic white and gold outfit whilst channeling the Ascended queen’s angelic nature.

What your eyes are immediately drawn to are the wings though. Mirroring the sky blue of her skin, their construction is perfect. Tipped with gold trims that tie in with her vestments and stunning recreation of the warrior’s crown, Plexi literally is Kyrestia.

Join the ranks of the Ascended! Kyrestia cosplay by PlexiCosplay from r/wow

WoW fans are stunned

Considering the wings are, according the Plexi, “15 feet long,” it’s safe to say that fans can’t miss this cosplay.

It’s the wings that have really gotten attention. One fan’s hilarious comment simply wrote: “the wind: I’m about to end this woman’s whole career,” to which Plexi responded “YOU NAILED IT.”

Another respondent was equally as humorous, writing “Kyrestia flight 77 you are cleared for takeoff, proceed to runway 4.”

All of these comments though praised this amazing cosplay, with one comment summing it up: “This blew my mind!!! I thought someone cropped the Archon out and pasted her onto some road!”

It’s safe to say that Plexi has truly embodied the fan favorite Ascended. She’s not only radiant, but emits a ‘don’t mess with me’ aura. We can’t wait to see her next WoW cosplay, as if she keeps going like she’ll be the queen of not just Bastion, but the WoW cosplay scene in no time!