CS:GO Reporter Pala With the Most Awkward Handshake Moment in Interview History

by Ross Deason


Pala ‘Pala’ Gilroy Sen took awkward handshake fails to a whole new level during the StarLadder i-League Season 5 finals while interviewing a professional CS:GO player.

Pala, formerly known as Mantrousse, is a gaming YouTuber with a heavy focus on comedy and is well known for his various skits, let’s plays, and vlogs.


He also does a variety of work in the esports scene as a presenter, host, and interviewer, predominantly for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events.

He has worked at CS:GO Majors, like DreamHack Cluj-Napoca and PGL Kraków, as well as a number of other premier tournaments like the ECS finals, DreamHack Masters competitions, and StarLadder events.


The Brit is currently working at the StarLadder i-League Season 5 Finals in Kiev as an interviewer but on May 28th he met his match when attempting to get a handshake from Mateusz ‘TOAO’ Zawistowski.

Pala spoke to the AGO Esports player prior to their match against their Polish rivals Virtus.Pro. Unfortunately the handshake at the beginning, or lack of it, was enough to distract anyone that tuned in to listen to it.


The history of esports is littered with hilarious handshake fails and there is something oddly satisfying about watching it happen to someone and imagining how you would deal with it yourself.

Perhaps TOAO was just too focused on the match ahead of him as AGO toppled Virtus.Pro 2-0 and proved that they deserve to be thought of as the current number one team in Poland (or perhaps he was stunned by the horrific heads, shoulders, knees and TOAO joke).

Luckily for Pala, the handshake did finally happen at the conclusion of the interview. However, something tells us that he won’t be living this one down any time soon if the rest of the broadcast team has anything to say about it.