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You can now see how much money you’ve spent on CSGO skins

Published: 31/Oct/2019 14:54 Updated: 31/Oct/2019 15:28

by Kamil Malinowski


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players around the world have revealed how much they’ve spent on skins and here’s how you can check your spending. 

CS:GO skins are incredibly popular in the game, with the majority of players having earned or bought a skin at some point during their play time.

They can drop from playing matches, be opened through the game’s loot box system, or bought on the market or through a third-party website. Most of the time if a player wants a skin their best bet is to simply buy it and some players have revealed just how much they’ve spent.

Reddit - piLLLLy / valveThis screen shows just how much users have spent on CSGO skins.

A Reddit thread encouraging fans to show off how much they’ve spent quickly gained popularity, with the original poster dubbing the posts as “sad stories only”, starting off by posting his own spending’s, which add up to over $3000.

Other players quickly joined in, posting their screenshots, some players barely spent anything, while others may have spent a small fortune. A user named Her-Cat managed to dominate the competition, showing that they’ve spent an enormous $137,452 on the game. However, one user pointed out that this may not be entirely accurate, as it includes trading, where you could in theory keep spending the same $20 over and over to inflate the sum. 

Regardless, it’s easy to see how players are able to spend large sums of cash on the game as some of the best skins sell for well over $1000, so who knows, Her-Cat’s record may even be somewhat realistic and the one to beat.  

How to see how much you’ve spent on CSGO skins

Seeing how much you’ve spent on Counter-Strike is easy, although, if you’re an avid player, you may not want to see the results.

If you are up for it, however, all you need to do is open Steam or the Steam website, hover over your name and click badges, then find CSGO and click “How do I earn card drops?” There you will be able to find how much you’ve spent. 

Hopefully, you won’t be too shocked by the number that comes up. 


CSGO legend KRIMZ mysteriously VAC banned

Published: 28/Nov/2020 11:10

by Connor Bennett


Fnatic and Counter-Strike legend Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson has been hit with a VAC ban out of the blue, and nobody seems to know why. 

When punishing cheaters in games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and even Rust, Valve rolls out VAC [Valve anti-cheat] bans that locks down an account – preventing users from playing on another VAC-secured game. 

These bans are, usually, handed out without any warning, and are typically permanent. Though, plenty of players have been able to get them overturned – be it because the ban was wrong in the first place, for example. 

On November 28, CS:GO players and fans alike noticed that Fnatic CS:GO star Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson had his account struck with a VAC ban – and nobody seems to know just why it happened. 

Krimz has played for Fnatic since 2016.

Astralis players Lucas ‘Bubzkji’ Andersen and Nicolai ‘device’ Reedtz were among the first to tweet about KRIMZ’s VAC ban – with the former chalking it down to a likely mistake. 

After word quickly got around about the ban, KRIMZ himself took to Twitter to ask for help from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers in getting the VAC ban removed from his account – again, hinting at a mistake. 

“It seems that my account got vac banned. @CSGO can you fix this asap pls,” he posted shortly after the VAC ban was handed down, attaching a confused face emoji as well as the praying hands. 

As of writing, Krimz’s account still has a VAC ban attached to it, and there’s been no confirmation as to whether or not he’s cheated or if it’s a mistake. Though, there has been speculation about a possible wave surrounding players who use the esportal to find matches. 

If anything changes, be it the ban gets overturned or Valve makes a statement on the matter, we’ll be sure to update this article.