Xyp9x: "New Astralis Era? Looking Promising!" BLAST CSGO Interview - Dexerto

Xyp9x: “New Astralis Era? Looking Promising!” BLAST CSGO Interview

Published: 27/Nov/2021 22:52 Updated: 27/Nov/2021 23:05

by Bill Cooney



Xyp9x joined Dexerto after Astralis’ massive win over Heroic at the BLAST Fall Finals to discuss the team’s new roster, the possibility of a new era for the org, and more.

After pulling off an incredible comeback against Heroic on map one, Astralis would go on to absolutely dominate Nuke to advance to the lower bracket finals.

Xyp9x explains how he, gla1ve, blameF, k0nfig, and Lucky took down cadiaN, Refrezh, TeSeS, Sjuush, and stavn to set up a match against Vitality for a ticket to face NAVI in the Grand Finals.