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Why CSGO’s cheating scandal could spell doom for coaches

Published: 15/Sep/2020 15:47

by Shane King


The CS:GO cheating scandal that has plagued the scene in the last few weeks has shaken fans to their core. And, with an ongoing ESIC investigation potentially implicating yet more high profile coaches and teams, there is no obvious end in sight.

It’s a scary time for coaches, players, and fans alike as Valve recently announced they will be issuing punishments once more information becomes available from the ongoing investigations.

The aftershocks from this scandal could change the CS:GO scene forever, with a potential ban on coaches during online games as people have shown they cant resist the temptation to exploit with cheats.


Richard Lewis has explained why this is one of the darkest times in Counter-Strike’s history, and how the coaches responsible may well have given Valve the chance to destroy coaching as we know it.