Who is m0NESY, G2 CSGO’s new AWP prodigy?

m0NESY joining G2 announcementG2

We looked at the remarkable rise of CS:GO phenomenon Ilya ‘m0NESY’ Osipov, G2 Esports’ new signing, with the help of his former coach and mentor Amiran ‘aMi’ Rehviashvili.

“When I’m 16, I plan to be part of a good team.”

M0NESY has had it all planned out from an early age. In February 2020, he appeared, brazen and uber-confident, in front of a camera, and mapped out his future in his first interview with NAVI.

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m0nesy for NAVI JuniorNAVI
m0NESY has signed for G2 after two years as part of NAVI’s academy program

He was only 14 years old at the time and had barely got his feet wet at a semi-pro level, yet he was talking up his potential and spelling out his thoughts on some of the game’s most decorated players and storied teams with such remarkable self-assurance that you’d think he’d seen and done it all.

Almost two years later, a 16-year-old m0NESY finds himself in the highest echelons of the Counter-Strike scene, his prediction proving uncannily accurate. He is taking his first steps away from his roots, hoping to launch a successful career with G2 Esports, who agreed to pay a reported $600,000 fee for the player.

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It is a hefty sum for any player, let alone a teenager still finding his way in the world. But G2 did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and did not hesitate to open their checkbook to land a player they hope will propel them to the next level.

Becoming a teenage phenom

M0NESY’s meteoric rise has been a surprise to no one who has been around the teenager, especially Amiran ‘aMi’ Rehviashvili, the man responsible for bringing the Russian wonderkid to NAVI.

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After hearing a lot of buzz about this “little kid who was insane”, aMi, the head coach of NAVI Junior, set about finding out all he could about the player.

AMi is a Counter-Strike veteran and one of brains behind NAVI’s academy

By that time, m0NESY had an impressive 3800 FACEIT elo – a number that represents a player’s perceived skill level – and had already been competing at a reasonably high level in the CIS region, but he was still green and lacked fundamentals in many areas.

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“Mechanically, he was good at his level, but he didn’t know how to play proper CS,” aMi told Dexerto. “But I saw great potential in him, the same as with b1t. He was shooting great but didn’t know what to do properly.

“We decided to sign him, and I knew that if he did everything right and if he listened, he would become a great player.”

M0NESY joined NAVI Junior in January 2020, initially on trial. To land the player, NAVI had to beat off competition from another CIS-based organization, Hard Legion, who were close to signing him as a streamer.

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In his first year with NAVI, m0NESY didn’t see much action. Because of his age, he wasn’t allowed to play in most tournaments for NAVI Junior. Consigned to a backup role, he still featured for NAVI Youth, the organization’s third lineup.

With opportunities limited, m0NESY buckled down and continued to develop his craft.

“We were working all the time, watching demos and talking about how to play properly,” aMi said, adding that he saw in the player traits that are common in special talents. “I couldn’t forbid him from doing some things. Some players, great players, can do what they are feeling in the moment. He was this kind of player. I had to change my plan on how to work with him.”

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In March 2020, just two months after joining NAVI, m0NESY was invited to play in the FACEIT Pro League (FPL), the most prestigious matchmaking league for pros and streamers in the game.