When will new skins and cases be added to CSGO?

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With Operation Shattered Web firmly in the rearview mirror, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans have been trying to find clues about the next big content update that will bless them with an all-new case. Here’s everything we know so far.

Even though CS:GO isn’t exactly a brand-new title, fans still flock to the iconic first-person shooter in order to pit their skills against some of the very best players around.

Over the years, Valve has introduced a number of ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd – be it stickers and badges, or the brand-new operator skins from Operation Shattered Web. Yet, the most sought after cosmetics come in the form of weapon skins – with some of them fetching eye-watering sums of money. However, fans are always wanting more.

Cases are the best way to get skins in CS:GO.

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When will the next CSGO case be released? 

The last case release came when the Prisma 2 set dropped as a part of the March 31 update. The new cases followed on from the original Prisma cases and contained 17 brand new weapon skins as well as six new knives. 

Prior to the release of the Prisma 2 cases, the Operation Shattered Web cases were released on November 18 and, before them, came the CS20 Weapon Cases on October 18. 

Considering that Valve doesn’t really overload CS:GO with skins, and these updates could be seen as pretty regular by the developer’s standards, the wait for the next release date is set to go on for a little while longer.

M4A1-S Player Two skin render for CS:GO
The Prisma 2 case was the last case released in CS:GO.

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Will CS:GO release a new case for the Source 2 engine?  

Of course this is Valve and they could very well decide to do their own thing by dropping another case out of the blue, but they might have the next release point lined up.

There has been speculation about CS:GO receiving a facelift and moving to the Source 2 engine – with some insiders claims suggesting it could drop at any point in the next two months. That switch would be cause for celebration and, more than likely, a reason for a new case.

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However, though Valve might have dropped hints that it is coming sooner than expected with a few map tweaks, there is still no official word from the developers.

So, along with the wait for the new engine, players will just have to wait and see as to when they’ll be able to fill up their Steam wallets in order to be ready to buy any new cases.

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