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What next for FaZe outcast Coldzera?

Published: 25/Jul/2021 17:49

by Julian Young


Following some shakeups in the wake of a new-look FaZe Clan CS:GO roster, one player found himself searching for a new home: Coldzera. But can the Brazilian superstar land himself a spot on one of the top teams in 2021?

After an unceremonious exit from a struggling FaZe Clan team, what’s next for CS:GO phenomenon Coldzera? With Karrigan’s new FaZe squad on the rise after adding Olofmeister to its starting lineup, what does that mean for the now-benched Counter-Strike legend?

Some are already speculating on what teams Coldzera might join, while others believe he carries too high of a price tag to land himself a spot with a championship contender. Could he form his own squad instead? Surely the two-time best in the world’s career isn’t over yet?


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