CSGO pros capitalize on StarLadder Major delays with brilliant in-server antics

Steam: LennertRaccoon/StarLadder

It wouldn’t be a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major if it started on time, but Vitality and Syman are making the best of their time together.

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The StarLadder Major in Berlin got off to a slow start. The first match of the tournament between Vitality and Syman Gaming was delayed over an hour. For the many fans who have been itching for some high quality CSGO during this player break, the long wait seemed to last forever. 

Casters, both on the official stream and on alternate streams, didn’t seem to know how to fill the time. Viewers on the main StarLadder were treated to the above image for nearly an hour.

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For the two teams waiting in the lobby for StarLadder to plug in the right cables, they eventually got tired of having an extended deathmatch warmup, and grouped together in an attempt to kill time together.

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Their solution? A game of leapfrog all the way down the Long A section of Dust2. Well, not so much leapfrog because they’re just running on top of the heads of everyone else in the line instead of hopping, but it’s the best they can do given the situation. 

The conga line of Counter-Strike began in the CT spawn and went all the way through Long A into double doors.

They also:

  • Kicked a soccer ball all across the map
  • Fought over control of said soccer ball in mid
  • Threw all their guns (must have been hundreds after that long of a pause) in a big pile in CT spawn
  • Picked up all the guns and threw them at each other, or out of the map

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After an hour of shenanigans, the match finally got underway, and for fans who were upset about the delays, their day got worse from there when Syman upset Vitality in the first game, ruining the 3-0 and 0-3 predictions for plenty of Pick’Em players.

According to a survey on the GlobalOffensive subreddit with nearly 4000 responses, roughly 40% of participants had Vitality as their 3-0 pick, and about 30% of responses had Syman as their 0-3.

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Were you one of thousands to wake up early to get some CSGO action, like me, only to have to wait an hour for delays and then watch your perfect Pick’Em get destroyed immediately? If you were, at least be happy that Counter-Strike is back. And better luck next stage.