Twitch streamer reveals how his Tinder date’s poor CSGO skills killed their relationship

Twitch streamer ends relationship over csgoTwitter/SqueeX15/Valve

Would you ever break up with someone because of their video game skills? That’s exactly what happened with Twitch streamer ‘Squeex’ after finding out his date played CSGO.

Having a partner who is into video games can be a great way to break the ice and get to know them better. But some games, like CSGO, can be a little bit problematic given their intensity.

During an August stream when Squeex was doing Super Mario 64 speedrun attempts, he shared the story about how he matched with a girl on Tinder who was a huge fan of Counter-Strike.

After adding each other on Steam and playing CSGO, the streamer discovered that despite her enjoyment of the game she was a major liability as a teammate.

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Twitch streamer reveals CSGO ended his relationship

Explaining to his viewers, Squeex revealed that his date wasn’t the CSGO aficionado she claimed to be.

“Bro, she used to buy on eco round. She was the worst player ever!” he exclaimed. “And there’s this f**ked up part of my brain that’s like ‘we have no future.’ Are you kidding me?”

The streamer further added that his match would buy P-90 on a save round while hiding behind double doors – something he joked made him rethink the possibility of having children with someone so “fiscally irresponsible” in-game.

However, despite his second thoughts on the relationship and seemingly ready to end it, she was the one who broke up with him.

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Squeex’s hilarious story went viral on Twitch, amassing over 150,000 views, so at least something positive came from their relationship.