Former Cloud9 Star shroud Makes an Exciting Announcement About a Return to Competitive CS:GO

by Ross Deason


Former professional CS:GO player for Cloud9, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, has shared some exciting news with his fans as he plans to make a return to the game where he made his name.

After a relatively successful professional Counter-Strike career, which included a win at the ESL Pro League Season 4 finals and a number of other top finishes, shroud decided to step away from the game and concentrate on his immensely popular stream in August of 2017.


Now the 23 year old Canadian can most often be found playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for multiple hours each day with the odd game of Fortnite and various other battle royale titles thrown in for good measure.

In April of 2018 his contract with Cloud9 came to an end and he officially retired from CS:GO, stating that his months of concentrating on content creation had gone well and he would be continuing as a full-time independent streamer.


While many of his viewers came along after he stepped down from Cloud9’s CS:GO roster, there is no denying that a massive portion of most loyal ones have been around for years and still miss the streams of him stomping on opponents in ESEA PUGs.

It looks like shroud is also aware of that fact, though, as he revealed during a recent stream that he will be returning to Counter-Strike for the next season of ESEA Open, presumably playing with friends or other former pros/CS:GO streamers.


The news has been met with excitement by the Counter-Strike community and the man once referred to as the “king of Reddit” immediately made it to top of /r/GlobalOffensive with the clip despite the fact that he was playing Fortnite Battle Royale at the time.

One thing’s for sure, having someone like shroud playing in ESEA Open and streaming matches in a similar fashion to the Mythic players would give the league a massive boost in popularity and viewership.

In fact, you could almost bet the house on his personal stream of the first match out-performing most official league or tournament streams.