The stats that show why Shox is one of CSGO’s greatest ever all-rounders

Stats Story: Shox Clutch God

From Source to CSGO, he’s one of the most decorated French Counter-Strike players of all time, and incredibly, 14 years since he started playing CS, Richard ‘shox’ Papillon is still up there competing alongside the best of the best.

While Andreas ‘Xyp9x’ Højsleth may be the Clutch Minister, shox has managed to once again regain the crown of most clutches of all time in CSGO leading Xpy9x’s 677 with his own count of 706. Though, we do need to take into account this has been affected by the Dane taking an extended leave from Astralis.

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Another impressive stat is the Frenchman’s peak form which came in 2013 where he achieved a great HLTV rating of 1.22. The year before, in 2012, he did achieve higher with 1.31 but he only played a total of 13 maps, so 2013 is much more impressive.

In this video, we will look into the stats that make shox’s legendary CS:GO career so great, and how his all-round ability makes him invaluable to his team.

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