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The stats that prove Tarik is one of NA’s greatest CSGO talents

Published: 1/Sep/2020 11:30 Updated: 22/Sep/2020 11:20

by Shane King


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Having represented eight different esport organizations over the course of six years, it’s hard to believe that Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik is only 24 years old. Yet, he is one of the greatest players NA has ever produced in Counter-Strike.

Tarik was a part of the unforgettable Cloud9 lineup that won the Boston ELEAGUE major in dramatic fashion, making him one of only 45 players globally to win a major — with only five of these players coming from North America.

The entry fragger has shown that he has not reached his limit yet either, with a successful run of form at Evil Geniuses – winning four premier events including the Northern American division of ESL One Cologne.

In this video, we will look into the stats that make Tarik so great and prove to the doubters that he is one of NA’s greatest CSGO talents.


How arT’s aggression is leading FURIA’s CSGO charge to site

Published: 27/Oct/2020 18:01

by Marco Rizzo


Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan has led FURIA to the top of NA Counter-Strike thanks not only to his calling but also his ultra-aggressive playstyle. 

Dexerto explores the Brazilian’s signature aggression and how it has defined him as the most offensive player in CSGO history. 

His playstyle slowly leaked into his strategies, making FURIA one of the most aggressive teams in the world: allowing them to become the most successful T-side team over the last few months. 

This was clear during ESL Pro League 11 NA, where arT’s aggressive pushes and misdirection on Inferno led the team to a dominant win against the best NA had to offer. All this while delivering some of the most entertaining CS ever. 

The importance of his dual-role as a IGL and Entry-Fragger is not lost, allowing him to quickly adapt his calling after going first into bombsites. 

ArT has led FURIA to become true contenders on the world stage but now the difficult part begins: keeping ahead of the curve and keep the elements of surprise on his side.