The Hilarious Moment a CS:GO Coach Falls Off the Stage During a Match

by Ross Deason


The coach of a Polish CS:GO team fell foul of a strange stage design flaw at a recent LAN event and the results were absolutely hilarious.

If you’re the coach or manager of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team you might think that the worst thing that can happen to you is to watch your team get eliminated from some big tournament due to as you watch on helplessly.


Well you would be wrong, as the coach, or supporter, or a Polish CS:GO team called Valkiria Gaming found out during the  offline qualifiers for the Good Game League 2018.

Taking place in Opole, Poland, the qualifier was eventually won by Illuminar Gaming who will now get a chance to play in the finals along with a number of high profile invites.


However, it wasn’t Illuminar Gaming that stole the show. Instead it was the person that was sat behind Valkiria Gaming during their matches as he was quite literally swallowed up by the stage setup.

During their match against x-kom team, the man acting as Valkiria’s coach sat down on his seat behind them and proceeded to fall back off the stage and through the banner behind it.


Perhaps the best bit of the entire clip is that the players seem to have been aware that there was a noise or commotion somewhere nearby but there was absolutely no sign of their coach when they looked around.

Assuming he had got up and left, the players simply shrugged it off as mildly confusing and continued to play out the round.

The hilarious clip has quickly gone viral but we are still uncertain of exactly who the unlucky man is. Perhaps he wants to keep it that way!

Valkiria eventually finished out the tournament in fourth place after losing 2-1 in their match against x-kom.