The G2 CS:GO Roster Saga Continues as Player Reportedly Tips the Scale in Shox's Favor

by Ross Deason


It looks like Richard ‘shox’ Papillon’s potential return to the G2 Esports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster is imminent as Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro has reportedly agreed to join the team.

Shox found himself on the bench for G2 in March after he proposed a total overhaul of the roster which would have seen Nathan ‘NBK-‘ Schmitt and Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire replaced by Edouard ‘SmithZz’ Dubourdeaux and Kévin ‘Ex6TenZ’ Droolans.


It eventually became apparent that the main reason for G2’s decision to stick with apEX and NBK- was down to bodyy wanting to continue playing with them and not try the more extreme measures suggested by shox.

The team went on to pick up former OpTic Gaming star Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas on a trial basis but results have been unimpressive and recent reports suggested that the organization is now leaning towards trying out shox’s project after all.


The big question was who would be the fifth player alongside shox, Ex6TenZ, SmithZz, and Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub. G2 currently holds a “Legends” spot for the FACEIT London Major but would need to keep at least three of the players from ELEAGUE Boston in order to keep it.

It looks like bodyy holds the key to the shox's future once more.


Insiders originally stated that NBK- could stay on the roster until the Major but now it looks like bodyy is on the brink of joining the team as reported by French scene insider, neL, on flickshot.fr.

“Today, according to our information it seems that the last player of the formation has been chosen. While NBK had the opportunity to join this project, it is finally Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro who would be the fifth player, giving them a slot for the next major.”

If these rumors are true, the eventual G2 roster would be the exact one that shox originally proposed back in March when this latest soap opera of French CS:GO politics began.

With shox, kennyS, and bodyy remaining from the team that finished in 5th - 8th place at the ELEAGUE Boston Major in January, G2 will be guaranteed a spot in the Legends Stage of the FACEIT London Major which will take place in September.

If pen is put to paper on the new roster, G2's CS:GO team would consist of:

  • ⁠Kevin ‘Ex6TenZ’ Droolans
  • Richard ‘shox’ Papillon
  • Édouard ‘SmithZz’ Dubourdeaux
  • Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub
  • Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro