The FACEIT Major is using a very interesting method to predict match results

by Matt Porter


The FACEIT CSGO London Major is using a very interesting method to predict the results of matches in the Champions Stage of the tournament.


While some broadcasts depend on the talent and knowledge of their casters and analysts, FACEIT have decided to add an extra helper to the predictions portion of their broadcast.

The helper, however, doesn’t come in the form of a former professional player or a well known and experienced analyst. Instead, FACEIT are using a live chicken to predict matches at the London Major.


The poultry prediction maker was revealed before the opening match of the Champions Stage, and tasked to predict the winner of BIG Clan versus Natus Vincere.

The chicken was presented with two bags of seeds, one with the BIG logo on it, while the other featured the Na’Vi crest. The chicken then stepped out of it’s roost, and after taking some time to consider it’s options, decided to eat the seeds from the BIG Clan branded bag.


The FACEIT chicken isn’t the first team we’ve seen animals used to predict events. While it’s relatively new to esports, Paul the Octopus rose to fame back in 2014 when he successfully predicted 12 out of 14 FIFA World Cup games he was tasked to call.

Unfortunately, the FACEIT chicken’s prediction career has gotten off to a 'fowl' start, as Natus Vincere took out BIG Clan 2-0 in their quarter final matchup.