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Team Liquid CSGO players pay tribute to Nitr0 following his exit

Published: 2/Aug/2020 16:14 Updated: 2/Aug/2020 16:20

by Daniel Cleary


Team Liquid CSGO players praised the impact of Nicholas ‘Nitr0’ Cannella after it was revealed that he would be departing the North American roster after five years.

The rifle and once-reluctant IGL, nitr0, has competed under the Team Liquid brand since 2015, and has been a major factor in their success, as seen during their swift Intel Grand Slam run in Season 2.

However, the once-dominant CS:GO roster has started to decline in recent months and, with rival teams like Evil Geniuses stepping it up, it was reported that Team Liquid would be looking to make some changes to their core line-up.


On August 1, Team Liquid officially confirmed that nitr0 would be moving on, releasing a short video to highlight his achievements and plays in recent years.

The CS:GO star filled many roles during his time on Team Liquid, even taking up the AWP and IGL positions when it has been needed.

Each of his teammates followed up with their own responses, thanking the 24-year-old and wishing him well in future career moves.

Team Liquid players respond to nitr0’s exit

“Never easy saying goodbye,” admitted long-time teammate, EliGE. “One of the best teammates I could’ve ever asked for when I started my career 5 years ago and you were there for all of it.”


Nitr0 was also the final member remaining from Team Liquid’s initial CS:GO roster, as players such as daps and FugLy had all moved on to other teams.

Twistzz claimed that it was difficult for him to part ways with nitr0, revealing that he had acted as an “older brother” and that he will always be a fan of his former teammate.

NAF also responded to the post, simply calling nitr0 a “Legend” for his efforts on and off the server.

It has been reported, by Rush B Media, that young Triumph pro Michael ‘grim’ Wince will be stepping in for nitr0 during the Dreamhack Open Summer 2020.


However, Team Liquid’s plans for the long-run are yet to be confirmed. They said that they will have “more to share with the community soon,” with more roster changes potentially on the way.